CKD and the Chinese art of frying

CKD and Chinese frying art 

The CKD diet, as we know, is sometimes onerous. We renounce so many things that preservation of taste in what we can eat seems to be a matter of state importance. In the previous post, in which I gave a few menus and ways to prepare dishes, there were several fried dishes, so – in order not to be accused that I want to poison you – I put a small warning about the process of frying that I last read about. I have, of course, a ready solution to the problem, which I give in full at the end of this article. This is, of course, the Chinese art of frying! Let’s start with the threats. 


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And the threats unfortunately for the Polish cuisine are typical fry for a long time, on unhealthy fats. Usually, we also use heavy pans and pots. 

I will not mention that you should only fry on healthy fats, or that olive oil is not frying, because everyone knows about it. There was a post on this topic in this forum. It turns out, however, that you also have to be able to fry on healthy fat. Why? 

Well, I read that “fat, under the influence of high temperature, oxygen and water vapor escaping from the fried product is transformed into various chemical compounds, which very quickly undergo further adverse reactions. As a result of aeration of the fried fat, unstable peroxides are formed, which further break down into high-energy and extremely aggressive free radicals. These fast reacting particles begin to attack the remaining intact fatty acids and make them free radicals. During the decomposition of peroxides, low molecular weight compounds are formed, such as aldehydes, ketones, acids, hydrocarbons, alcohols, etc. As a result of too long or rapid heating, they begin to combine and form compounds of increased weight. The peroxides formed during frying, free radicals and the products of joining various compounds are extremely toxic. 

What does this mean for us? This means that when frying a fish for too long, the nutritional value of the fat itself decreases, we can also lose such valuable omega3 value for us. The amount of fatty acids EFA that are valuable to our body will be reduced in food, which under the influence of high temperature are destroyed and converted into toxic substances. As a result of the thermal breakdown of fat, acrolein, a carcinogenic compound, is also formed. 

So instead of a tasty and healthy dish, we will get quazi – poison, and on the other hand, we will increase the viscosity of fat, which will deteriorate its taste and smell. And what else can meet us worse on our CKD than an extra-cursed taste palate? 

But this is not the end. It turns out that in poorly performed frying process proteins will also suffer, because “between the products of fat oxidation and proteins comes to the formation of complexes that reduce the biological value of Ucierpi protein, thus also its digestibility and digestibility. By the way, some of the vitamins A, D, E and B (mainly B6) pass with the wind (velvet with barrel), and the oxidized compounds will react with vitamin B2.

How to get out of this situation? Well, we will drastically limit the amount of fried foods, or we will decide on fat-free frying (which is not entirely possible due to the fat contained in the food itself), or we will just learn to fry! 

I propose in this situation to reach the secret knowledge of the ancient masters of frying, that is to the knowledge of Chinese. 

A long time ago they developed two basic methods of deep-frying and frying in shallow oil. Both processes are of course in the wok. 

Frying in deep oil is not very interesting for CKD slaves, because of what is fried in it. These are usually breaded or breaded dishes, and therefore not available to us due to carbohydrates. 


We are very interested in frying on shallow oil. So let’s remember a few basics 

1) It is worth having a wok, because the temperature in this dish is evenly distributed, which helps to prevent local burning of the food. The best woks are of course cast iron and cost about PLN 200. The aluminum wafers covered with a layer of Teflon, which cost PLN 50, work well. You can also buy an ordinary blaszaka for as much as PLN 15, but this option is the worst, because EVERYTHING burns on them. 

2) Cut all ingredients into equal sized pieces. Most often they are very heavy stripes. Thanks to this, they are made very quickly. Even the meat will be cut off without being burnt 

3) Before frying, lubricate the wok with oil, which we do with a brush. Thanks to this the whole dish is evenly greased, and this guarantees that our dish will not burn during mixing 

4) The ingredients fry one by one due to the time they are prepared. Usually fry at the highest possible temperature, for a very short time (sometimes even a few seconds) 

5) Put the fried ingredients aside to the side of the wok, and add more to the inside, so that the finished ingredients stop frying while maintaining the right temperature 

6) Immediately after frying, add the appropriate sauce and quickly mix the whole dish 

7) Another element preventing the scorching of dishes is very fast mixing of ingredients 


Someone will ask how the carbohydrate case looks like in such dishes. I assure you that it looks very good. If we use low-glycemic vegetables, and even in strictly calculated quantities, we certainly will not exceed the recommended dose. 

If in this way we will prepare food, I guarantee that we will receive dishes that are not burnt, devoid of toxic substances, and at the same time very tasty and nutritious. So, I invite you to the kitchen! 


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