Cleansing diets – 7 express cleansing treatments in the spring

The spring cleansing diet will give energy, improve the mood and restore the glow of the complexion.Two days on the apples themselves or a week of a fruit and vegetable diet is a good way to get rid of the feeling of heaviness.In this way, you will get rid of swelling and your skin will become firmer.However, it should be remembered that express cleansing diets can only be used by healthy people.

There are many different cleansing diets.Some rely on eating only one product, others on drinking juices, water and herbal infusions.But the best is that for 10-14 days, gradually adding healthy products to the menu (see diet varied).During cleansing treatment, regardless of which one you choose, you have to give up heavy products, fast food, stimulants and chemically processed foods.Already after a few-dozen or so days of treatment you will feel like a new-born one and take on the desire to live.The removal of excess water from the body will make you acquire lightness, get rid of swelling or pillows under the eyes.The skin will become firmer and take on a healthy color.Do not be surprised if during the urine and sweat cleansing treatment they will have an unpleasant smell, the tongue will cover with a coating or the breath will be stale.This is the result of the excretion of harmful substances from the body (with urine, exhaled air and mucous membranes).Some people feel weakened at the time.The more toxins you have accumulated in the body, the more unpleasant the side effects of cleansing may be.


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Cleansing the body for spring varied diet

A varied diet requires a bit more time – it should last 10-14 days – but it is the most safe for the body.For the first 2-3 days you eat vegetables and fruits (raw or boiled) and drink yourself squeezed fruit and / or vegetable juices.From the 4th day, you include 1/2 liter of fermented milk products into the diet (kefir, natural yoghurt, buttermilk).From the sixth day you can also eat thick cereal, wild rice, flakes, bran, 8. add skinny white cheese (10 dag), 10. – a portion of cooked (preferably steamed) or roasted fish (20 dag).From the 12th day, instead of the fish, you eat lean poultry meat, eg chicken breast, turkey or veal (10 dag).

The juice diet

For 14 days, eat easily digestible meals and drink 0.5-1 l of freshly squeezed vegetable and / or fruit juices every day.They can be of one type or mixed, diluted with water or not.The best juices are apples, citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemons), carrots, beets, fresh cucumber, celery, parsley, tomatoes, cabbage.It is also allowed to include sauerkraut juice in the diet.


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Fruit and vegetable diet

For 3 days, eat raw vegetables and fruits, steamed or a small amount of water, also vegetable soups on water and silage.The dishes can be seasoned with oil, herbs, lemon juice.Drink fresh juices and herbal and fruit teas.

Apple diet

For 1-2 days, eat only apples, but in any quantity.They contain pectin, which sweeps away leftovers from the gastrointestinal tract, and baked ones improve the functioning of the pancreas and liver.For example, eat raw apples for breakfast, roast for dinner, and apple salad with spiced yoghurt for supper.Drink green tea, apple juice and apple tea.

Because only healthy people can undergo this type of cleansing diets, it is worth to do basic blood and urine analysis and consult a doctor before you decide on one of the treatments presented.Contraindication is, among othersserious diseases of the circulatory, digestive and urinary systems.Cleansing is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.


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Lemon diet

Eat easily digestible foods and in addition, between meals, drink juice squeezed out of 2-3 lemons, diluted with water in any proportions.The diet lasts 7 days.

Cocktail diet

For 2 weeks, in addition to vegetables, fruit, 10 grams of lean meat (veal, chicken or turkey breast) and coarse milling products, drink 3 glasses of kefir cocktail and fresh or frozen fruit (strawberries, raspberries, currants) every day.

Plum diet

In the evening, pour boiling water 10 dried plums and leave overnight.In the morning on an empty stomach, drink water and eat plums.Pour boiling water over 10 plums again and leave until the evening.Before bed, drink water and eat plums.During the diet, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, lean meat or fish, cereal and fermented dairy products.Treat the treatment for 10 days.

Grain diet

It is safer than vegetable or fruit diets.It consists in eating only cooked grains of wheat or wild rice.Choose herbal teas to drink.For variety, you can also eat sprouts and parsley.This diet can last about 12 days.


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