Cleansing the body – is it just an invention?

In recent years, detox has become a very “trendy word” – mainly it seemed that it was a solution to get rid of all “bad things from the body through any solutions that at the moment seemed good, modern or old-fashioned.” I have always wanted to take a closer look and see what was really discovered in this case over the years of research. I invite you to the text.

Cleansing the body – what is it

Over the years, technology has developed at a dizzying pace. We started using things we could only dream about decades ago. Because of this, people have been concerned about what we produce and how it can harm us. All xenobiotics like synthetic chemicals and metals have become a huge concern for many. Detoxification has many different names, depending on what a person wants to convey or achieve. It is mainly associated with weight loss, withdrawal from addiction or simply a panacea for all ailments. In terms of clinical definition, detoxification is “the process of getting rid of poisons, toxins or effects previously given from the body (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry). Clinical toxicology books, in turn, state it as “any reaction, catalyzed or not, which attacks the toxin without causing injury. At the moment there is no standard in terms of clinical practices when it comes to cleansing the body.

Detoxification – what it can consist of

When it comes to detoxification, it all depends mainly on what it’s supposed to be. Very often, cleansing the body is associated with naturopathy – so-called “pseudoscience, often associated with” natural treatments. Usually considered to be contrary to science. Of course, in this case, it depends what we mean by detox, because getting rid of drugs from the body in the hospital can also be described as such. However, this text mainly stick to more “unscientific” matters. In such programs we can meet with

starvation diet

consuming mainly juices or other liquids for several days

eating only selected types of food

using various supplements

colon cleansing by enema or special hydrotherapy

combination of several of the above


At the moment, it is very difficult to determine the credibility of many of these solutions. We still need a lot of research that will determine 100% what detoxification can give us. People use such solutions because they are afraid of the impact our environment has on the body. This is completely understandable looking at many statistics related to diseases that appeared especially after the development of technology. If we feel that our body needs to get rid of something unhealthy, it is best to change your diet so that it has the least processed products, and that it is full of things that can be considered “healthy.”

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