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Changing breakfast times and supper can lead to fat reduction in overweight and obese people. This is the result of a study by scientists from the University of Surrey in Great Britain described in the Journal of Nutritional Sciences. 


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British scientists conducted a 10-week experiment assessing the effectiveness of nutrition in the time-restricted feeding model – consumption in a time-limited window, or a nutritional window. The experiment was aimed at determining how meal times affect the amount and type of food intake, body composition, as well as risk indicators for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

30 people took part in the study. They were divided into two groups. Those from the first, so-called control group, ate breakfasts and dinners at usual times. On the other hand, they were asked to eat breakfast 90 minutes later than usual and dinner 90 minutes earlier than usual. All participants filled in the diet diaries before and during the study and questionnaires after its completion. Everyone also provided blood samples before and after the test. The study participants were not on a strict diet. They could eat what they always eat, but only in the nutritional window.

As a result of the experiment, it turned out that people who changed the pores of their meals within 9 weeks lost an average of twice as much body fat and consumed less food per meal than those in the control group. 

If these results are confirmed in subsequent studies on time-limited nutrition, it is possible that a diet based on the \ nutrition window \ model will bring wide health benefits. Although this way of eating can be difficult to put into everyday life for a long time. 57 percent people who took part in the study stated that they could not stick to the new meal times more than 10 weeks (duration of the experiment), because this would not be compatible with family and social duties. It would be necessary to match the feeding window to the modern lifestyle. 


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