Diet after surgery of the pancreas and spleen Expert’s tip

How should I feed after surgery to remove the tumor on the pancreas, tail and parts of the body of the pancreas and spleen?

After the operation of the tail and parts of the pancreas, your diet should be easy to digest, with a reduction in fat and hard fiber, from thick groats, wholemeal bread, legumes and from the diet you should also eliminate cruciferous vegetables. , cauliflower or broccoli, kohlrabi, black turnip, radish, leek, garlic, onion, not to provoke bloating and fermentation.The impact on the diet will depend on how much time has passed since surgery and in what condition your body is, whether there are large shortages of weight the body, what medicines you take.


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It is advisable to have cooked and baked dishes (forbidden fried, fatty meat), but without the addition of fat, lean meats, or instead of them baked meat, eggs – protein.

You can also eat lean white cheese (also in a homogenized version) and fermented beverages from good bacteria
natural kefir or yogurt.
Avoid raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds.
Select vegetables with a small amount of fiber and do not expand the digestive tract.
Therefore, you can not eat corn or beetroots. The latter is better to convert into a borscht and clean meals – it is very healthy.
In practice, it can look like this

millet cooked on water, mixed with homogenized natural cheese and pumpkin puree; a slice of sieve-type bread with roasted meat, a slice of tomato without skin and pips;

II breakfast
Pumpkin, carrot, potato, sweet potato soup with potato dumplings made of protein;

meatballs in vegetables, potatoes, carrots from water;

baked banana, natural yoghurt with a spoon of finely grated chocolate;

rice with apples and yogurt mixed with a bit of cream.

After the spleen resection, there is no special diet (if the operation was recent, a post-operative feeding regimen is used.) Meals should be composed of immunity-enhancing products because the spleen may be lowered after removal of the spleen. raise it
vitamins, antioxidants, good fatty acids (in controlled amounts) probiotics and prebiotics.
The menu given is the best example cooked vegetables as
pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato; dairy milk drinks and finally banana as a prebiotic. It contains ingredients that will make good bacteria inhabit the digestive tract. They will increase immunity and support digestive processes.
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