Diet of happiness – slimming with pleasure

Is there a diet that reduces weight and releases endorphins? Can you get rid of a lot of overweight, but do not give up your favorite products? Tom Kerridge, a British chef who is obese and has lost 70 kg, shows that it’s possible. The happiness diet  presents 100 original ideas for dishes that release dopamine and allow you to change your eating habits to reduce your body weight. is the media patron of the book.

I work in the industry of full balangowiczów with strong heads and gained reputation of the one who falls the last in any gala awards, events and meetings.My love for alcohol and food late at night was legendary.But when my birthday was approaching, I began to think that I needed a change.I could not continue to live like this.(…) But how, working in a business where everything boils down to delicious, caloric food and drink without restraint, I could start making changes and find a weight-loss diet that would be right for me, remembers Tom Kerridge, the British boss in his book entitled The happiness diet.100 recipes that will release dopamine and get rid of unnecessary kilograms.


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When Kerridge celebrated his 40th birthday, he weighed around 190 kg, he lost 70kg in three years, thanks to the nutrition method he created for himself after many months of analyzing his own life and already known diets, his new diet based on the selection of ingredients that release the hormone pleasure , or dopamine.This is the key chemical substance that accompanies the nerve signals in the pleasure center of our brain.When we experience pleasure, whether because of food, laughter or sex, dopamine is produced in our brain. There are studies that indicate that its low level leads to reduced motivation, lethargy and apathy, and even depression. In Kerridge’s pantry and refrigerator, there are such dopamine carriers like rural cheese, yogurt, eggs from free range hens, fish, watermelons, strawberries, grapes, almonds, beef, lamb, turkey, broccoli, red beets, greenand tea and … chocolate.

Kerridge has divided his book into sections in which he discusses his diet and presents recipes for soups and broths, hot and cold salads, omelettes and pancakes, minced meat dishes, stews and stews, fried and baked dishes, as well as sweets. The book serves in its book not so much the diet as the choice of your favorite recipes from recent years and encourages readers to try them out.


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On the plus!

Instead of a diet diet, a change in eating habits lasted.Instead of sudden weight loss, gradual weight loss.These are the main advantages of the diet that Tom Kerridge proposes in his book Happy Diet.The author should be praised for encouraging reflection on what we eat and how food affects our body, as well as for promoting fish, green vegetables and herbs as well as natural, unprocessed and ecological products.Kerridge also encourages the abandonment of alcohol and fast food in the process of weight reduction, which is an additional value of the book.Just like interesting, simple recipes for filling dishes prepared with ingredients available also on the Polish market and convenient marking, showing, for example, which meals we can prepare earlier and pack them into a lunch box for work.

Kerridge emphasizes the great role of physical activity, which contributes along with the new style of nutrition to weight reduction.Although not all forms of physical activity proposed by the author are suitable for people with obesity, especially obesity of the third degree, i.e.huge.It’s all about running, which puts loads on the ankles and knees, as well as the cardiovascular system and can be a threat to people with a lot of weight.

What to watch out for!

When introducing Tom Kerridge’s dishes into your menu, however, remember that they contain a lot of protein and fat, but low in carbohydrates.And so-called dietshigh protein, high fat and low carbohydrates in long-term use may be dangerous to health.They should be avoided first of all by people with cardiovascular disease, eg atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, hypertension.Too much saturated animal fats contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques that clog blood vessels.Heavy-grained, high-fat dishes make for extra work such organs as liver, pancreas, intestines, so they should not be abused by, for example, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive system diseases, as well as all liver diseases, especially non-alcoholic steatohepatitis disease.However, eating too much protein not only acidifies the body, but overloads the kidneys and liver.The use of such a nutrition model in the long term may lead to a deficiency of vitamins and microelements.


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