Does fruit always mean healthy?

Although we are not all aware of this, we use a simplified thinking pattern every day when we choose food items. In order to buy a healthy and valuable product, we rarely carefully inspect the labels by analyzing the composition and nutritional values, and more often we rely on a superficial assessment reduced only to play in associations. And so, in accordance with this principle, we used to recognize that if a given product is fruity it is also healthy and valuable, but is this way of thinking really justified? 


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We are all well aware that fruits and vegetables are a fairly valuable source of vitamins, fiber, minerals and many other substances valuable for health. This conviction is so strongly rooted that it managed to consolidate the simplified thinking pattern according to which everything that is obtained from vegetables and fruits (or simply is vegetable or fruit) is perceived as healthy and valuable. In the meantime, as practice shows, it does not have to be that way, which is easy to find a lot of evidence for. 


The basic problem with fruit products

On the one hand, that they are actually the fruits of advanced food industry technology, i.e. they are highly processed. Process of technological processing, although it has its numerous advantages (improvement of taste values, extension of durability, shortening preparation time), very often leads to adverse changes in the nutritional value of the product which is associated on the one hand with the loss of desirable ingredients (lowering nutritional and health), on the other – with the enrichment of undesirable ingredients (eg sugar, preservatives). Finally, fruit products are the most often a mixture of sugars with a subtle addition of fruit components. 

An excellent example of products with fruit

The name that seemingly are healthy and valuable include even fruit yoghurts and other dairy products, which are simply a rich source of sugar. Another example is fruit juices, also a rich source of sucrose. All kinds of bars, breakfast products, jam and mousses, fruit drinks, most often also nutritional value resemble sweets. What is important is that some products (those with fruit flavors) are not related to fruit at all. The flavors and synthetic, natural and identical to natural flavors are responsible for their taste qualities. 

Fruit – in the case of food products – does not mean healthy or valuable.

It is worth remembering, because entrusting to the first impression, you can easily cut into food sells that are only a concentrated source of sugar. In order to select good quality products, first of all, carefully check the labels by verifying the composition and nutritional values. 


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