Dumplings – nutritional values, calories (kcal)

Dumplings are a dish, for preparation of which dumplings and stuffing are needed. Depending on the filling, it stands out

Russian dumplings, lazy dumplings, meat dumplings, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms.Also popular are dumplings with cheese and dumplings with fruit, eg blueberries or strawberries.Check what nutritional values ​​do the dumplings that have the most, and which have the most, and which least calories.

Dumplings is a dish that requires dumplings and stuffing. The most popular are dumplings, lazy dumplings, dumplings with meat, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, and often dumplings with cheese or dumplings with dumplings. Gourmets also appreciate dumplings with fruit, such as blueberries or strawberries, dumplings are commonly considered to be a typical Polish dish, however, they originate from China, and in Poland they reached Russia in the 13th century and were widespread in Western Europe. a characteristic dish of Polish cuisine and are very popular

Dumplings can be prepared in various ways, using, among others, cooking, baking, frying or steaming.The shape of dumplings, the method of preparation varies from country to country. Dumplings are popular not only in Polish cuisine but also in Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, American, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Indian and Jewish.American dumplings have the shape of small balls, Italian dumplings are in the shape of pockets, a hat or a ring, Indian have the shape of triangles, and Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and Belorussian in the shape of a half-moon.


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Russian dumplings – stuffing, kcal

Russian dumplings are dumplings with salty stuffing.The dough is prepared on the basis of flour, water, oil and salt.The stuffing consists of ground curd and potatoes, fried onions seasoned with salt and pepper.Roghurt dumplings are served with cracklings, fried onions or sour cream.

Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms – stuffing

Dumplings with salty stuffing prepared from sauerkraut, dried mushrooms and onions.Mushrooms should be soaked in water, boil the cabbage, then mushrooms and sauerkraut, fry onions in the frying pan, add ground mushrooms and sauerkraut, season with salt and pepper, mix thoroughly. Serve with fried onions or cracklings.

Dumplings with spinach – calories

Dumplings stuffing is prepared from spinach, garlic, onions, feta, white cheese, tofu or ricotta. At the beginning, fry the onions in a pan, add garlic and spinach, stew to simulate a consistent consistency, add feta to the spinach so prepared, white cheese, tofu or ricotta, flavored and mixed in. Dumplings served with fried onions, sour cream or melted butter and garlic.


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