Dumplings – with cheese and more … calories, nutritional values

Dumplings are thick diamond-shaped dumplings that are prepared from boiled potatoes, flour and eggs. In Poland, hoof dumplings are most popular. Some like spinach dumplings. How many calories do they have any nutritional values?

Dumplings are flour dishes prepared from boiled potatoes, wheat and/or potato flour, eggs and salt. The finished dough is divided into smaller pieces, it forms thin rolls, which are then flattened and cut diagonally to form dumplings in the shape of rhomboids. 

Dumplings – with cheese and not only

There are two types of dumplings depending on the ingredients from which they are prepared

Potato dumplings – prepared from boiled potatoes, wheat flour or potato flour, or both, eggs and salt. Potatoes may be an alternative to potatoes.

Lazy dumplings (otherwise lazy dumplings) – they are prepared in the same way as potato dumplings, in addition to the mass, curd cheese is added.The dumplings can also be prepared without potatoes from cottage cheese, eggs, flour and, optionally, sugar. 

Potato dumplings can also be enriched with vegetables, giving them a distinctive color, such as spinach, roasted pumpkin, beetroot and carrots. You can also add basil. 

Dumplings – are they healthy?

Dumplings are mainly a source of carbohydrates, therefore potato dumplings are a great complement to main dishes (they act as a starch additive).

Potato dumplings cover the demand for minerals and vitamins to a small extent, potato phosphorus, potassium, copper in potato dumplings. Potato dumplings also contain vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

Lazy dumplings with curd cheese are a source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B2, vitamin E and vitamin A.

Potato dumplings are characterized by the lowest fat content than lazy dumplings with cheese. The most caloric dates are lazy with curd cheese, but it is the calorific value of the food itself, which is most often eaten with often caloric additives. The least caloric will be dumplings with the addition of vegetable-based sauces and lazy dumplings with the addition of fruit or fruit mousses. It is worth avoiding dumplings with the addition of sugar, cream or butter-fried breadcrumbs – these products will increase the calorific value of the dish.

Dumplings – use in the kitchen

Potato dumplings can be a main dish or a starch additive for sauces, goulash, meat stewed in a sauce.

Vegetable sauces, such as spinach, as well as meat sauces with minced or diced meat are suitable for dumplings (pork, beef and poultry can be used). The dumplings are also served with fried onions.

Dumplings fits well with meat baked in gravy, mushroom, horseradish, mustard sauce, and vegetable garnish, for example, hot beets, boiled cruciferous vegetables and salads.

Dumplings with curd cheese and lazy dumplings taste best with the addition of dissolved butter and a bit of sugar or in combination with butter-fried breadcrumbs.

You can also serve them with yogurt, cream, whipped cream, fruit sauces, sugar and cinnamon.

Dumplings – gluten-free and untreated

Dumplings can also be prepared in a gluten-free version, replacing wheat flour cooked with millet groats and rice flour.

Lazy dumplings can be prepared similarly, in this case, instead of curd cheese, add non-smoked tofu, in both cases no eggs are added to their preparation.

Millet flour or maize flour can also be used to prepare gluten-free potato dumplings.

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