Eggs – why eat them?

Very often you can find the statement that eggs are not especially healthy for us because of what they have in themselves. It is mainly about the problem of “bad cholesterol, which, as is well known, does not work well on our body. However, many studies try to show this product from another good side. It is worth to familiarize yourself thoroughly with what the egg can really offer us. I invite you to read.

Eggs – a few words

It is worth noting that eggs are a very cheap and nutritious type of food. They can contain as many as 18 different vitamins and minerals. Their occurrence depends on the age, diet and breed of chicken as well as environmental factors. Of course, despite this, we usually find in eggs a small amount of carbohydrates and about 12 g per 100 g of protein and lipids (most monounsaturated) when it comes to macronutrients. This composition adds many essential nutrients to our diet. Some of them, like zinc, selenium, retinol and tocopherols, are very poor in the Western diet (fried food, meat, salty), which gives another reason to accept eggs for our list of dishes. In addition, thanks to its antioxidant activity, this product can protect people against various problems such as cardiovascular disease.

As you can see above, eggs can be a great addition to any diet, especially they are useful for people who have problems maintaining the right amount of nutrients in the body. In addition, of course, they are recommended to people who are looking for a way to add more protein to their diet, because they can support the synthesis of skeletal muscle due to the fact that it has exogenous amino acids. Of course, there are reasons why there is a stigma regarding eggs, it is worth getting as close as possible.

Eggs – are they unhealthy?

Despite the fact that you can find many articles praising what eggs can give us, still a lot of people give up their food. One of the reasons may be that it has anti-nutritional factors like ovomucoid. However, such factors are thermolabile so that they are destroyed during frying. Certainly the main reason is how high cholesterol and saturated fat it possesses. A standard solution for many dieters is to create a menu that has as little saturated fat as possible that affects the level of cholesterol in the body. However, many studies have not been able to confirm that by adding eggs to the diet, cholesterol levels in the body increased when the diet itself had products that supply specific levels of cholesterol to the body. Interestingly, very often the contradiction in research could be due to the lifestyle itself. For example, the standard diet in the United States contained between 26% and 32% of cholesterol from eggs. In Japan, it was up to 48%. In this case, we see a difference in the approach to food, which is of great importance in how eggs will affect cholesterol in our body. In the case we have more saturated fat compared to Japan. This is an important point to remember when we think about adding these products to our menu.

Of course, another issue may also be Salmonella, which can still be a problem, even despite all legal regulations that are trying to eliminate it. However, if nothing happened while transporting the eggs to the store and then home, then just be careful that the raw egg does not touch anything by accident. Of course, the risk will always exist.


Eggs are in my opinion a very interesting and healthy product, but I also understand the reasons for eliminating them from various diets. In spite of everything, I recommend trying to include these delicious and healthy products on your menu.

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