Endogenous Amino Acids

Endogenous amino acids are part of the proteins necessary for every gymnast. They have a very important meaning in the proper functioning of the human body. What roles do they play? Where to get them from? Check out more about endogenous amino acids in this article.

What are endogenous amino acids?

Amino acids are monomers containing two functional groups in their structure: a carboxylic group – the so-called C-terminus and amino group (NH2) so-called N-terminus. There are twenty types of amino acids that build proteins. Each of them is built of these atoms:





There are also sulfuric amino acids – e.g. cysteine and methionine – whose structure is enriched with a sulfur atom.

Exo and endogenous amino acids

Amino acids are divided into exogenous and endogenous. The criterion for their division is the ability of the body to synthesize a given amino acid.

If a particular amino acid can be synthesized in the human body, it belongs to the group of endogenous amino acids.

An exogenous amino-acid will be one that has no such ability.

Properties of endogenous amino acids

Endogenous amino acids are of great importance in the proper functioning of the human system. They can perform a number of different functions – everything depends on a particular amino acid. Features:





Building blocks,

They seem to be the most important ones.

Where to get endogenous amino acids?

Endogenous amino acids and diet

Endogenous amino acids are a key element of proteins. No wonder that their main sources are:






Endogenous amino acids and supplements

Supplements are to supplement nutritional deficiencies in the diet. Often, however, we are unable to compose a meal, complete with all ingredients. In this case nutrients such are these can be useful:

Pre and post workout stacks,

Amino acid stacks,

Protein supplements.

Endogenous amino acids and training

The correct supply of endogenous amino acids positively influences the quality of training. It’s thanks to them that people are more focused and motivated on training. These amino acids:

Have an anti-catabolic function,

Allow you to increase the volume of training,

Reduce fatigue of the body.

Diet is 70% of your success. For the body to function properly, it must be equipped with the necessary nutritional values – including amino acid fractions. These will allow you to achieve the desired training effects and pass safely through successive levels of strength training.

Endogenous amino acids play an important role in the proper functioning of the human body. Due to the fact that they are not synthesized inside the body, it becomes necessary to provide them from the outside. To this end, an appropriate diet plan should be used. In case of problems – there is no lack of supplements on the market that help fill these gaps.

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