Everything you should know about nails

Who has not heard of the fact that a real lady can be known by nails.Occupational professionals are of the opinion that they are particularly interested in the nails of the future employee.This applies to both the fair sex and men.Based on the appearance of the nails you can tell how much this person attaches importance to details.The condition of the nails sends us an unambiguous picture of the character of a given person.

Here is an example

Nails bitten, broken, often testify to the nervousness of a person.They are a reflection of the reduced need to exert a good impression, and thus the lack of respect for others.


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Construction of the nail

The nails are made just like the hair and skin of keratin.Keratin contains sulfur, which is an element that gives nails hardness and stiffness.The nail is made of dead cells, which means that we do not feel pain when cutting them.The nail is made of several parts of the nail plate, skin, crescent, bearings and bones.Nails grow up to five millimeters per month, which is why total nail restoration lasts about a month.

The development of nails by life stages

Throughout our lives, the nail renewal cycle and their state of health change.Here are some examples of changes that happen with age in our nails

Infant’s age – nails begin to grow around the twelfth week of fetal development.

Child’s age – children’s nails grow quickly, so they do not give chance to any bacteria, etc. The only noticeable problem related to children’s nails is their biting.

Adolescence – as a result of a storm of hormones, many adolescent girls use slimming diets, which results in fragility and brittleness of the nails.However, the period of puberty does not substantially affect the nails.

Reproductive age – between 20 and 40, the nail renewal cycle is prolonged.Nails become thicker and less smooth.

After fifty – the so-calledanalogous phenomenon related to nails.They form furrows and discoloration.

The most popular nail diseases -The most common complaints associated with nails include

There is no doubt that you need to take care of your nails all your life.Any disturbing change on nails should be consulted with a dermatologist.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that most nail problems are related to our autoindication.An example is bad manicure.To make our nails look nice, we often achieve a reversible effect.It’s worth it in this situation, just go to a good manicurist.

The right manicure

You should do manicure more than once a week.Too often applying and removing cosmetics on the nails causes drying, breakage and increases the risk of irritation of the surrounding skin.To take care of hygienic manicure, it is worth taking care of your personal instruments for this operation, unless the tools were properly sterilized.Every person who cares about the nails should have a proper manicure set in the house

People who do not care about painting nails should buy toothbrushes, which are used for polishing nails.The best toothbrushes are those covered with chamois or suede.

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The set given above will certainly allow us to keep our nails clean.

Beauty salons

When choosing beauty salons, in which we submit to manicure, it is worth choosing those that have the attestations of the National Institute of Hygiene or other sanitary authority.It is worth asking about the method of sterilization of the tools needed for manicure.The best method of sterilization is high temperature and alcohol wiping.

Decorating nails

The most popular cosmetic treatment for nails in our time is their decoration with colored acrylic.With its help, we can create unique nails.Thanks to acrylic, we can create unique patterns and compositions on our nails.

An example can be a flower that we create in this way

On the surface of the nail plate, on the cleaned brush, we need to collect a little acrylic and form a dot.Then we put this dot on the nail, gently pat it and use a spike to form a tear.Later, we make petals, remembering to pre-plan the flower pattern.A deeply embedded pattern is more complicated, for which precision is needed.The pattern element should be placed on the nail plate, blending it into a drop of transparent acrylic.As you can see, nail decoration is an activity that requires manual skills and self-control.


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Tips are tiles made of plastic.They should be very precisely glued to the free edge of the nails.Before modeling, we need to determine the length and shape of tips.This slowly applies to the optimum application of a hardening material, e.g. acrylic, gel, fiberglass.

Tips are characterized by a variety of reasons.They can be e.g.

Remember to apply your nails regularly, every three weeks.

Take care of your nails

The color of the nails varies depending on the season.Methods of decorating, extension, also.What does not change in the cosmetic fashion is the art of taking care of the nails, so it is worth learning to be able to enjoy healthy nails and pass as neat people.


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