Fast food vs. slow food

The modern realities have made us learn to live in a constant hurry. We work several hours a day, and most of the daily activities are done on the run and in stress, we put up late, get up early, order food to take away … A shared family dinner or dinner eaten with friends – a holiday falling several times a year. 


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Today, fast food reigns, which in practice means that instead of celebrating meals, the act of eating food is reduced to the unreflective satisfaction of the physiological need of food, satisfying the taste of pizza, cola and hamburger. You think that this problem does not concern you, because you do not eat in pizzerias and fast food bars? It is possible that you are wrong. 

Because every day as a dietitian I work with physically active people, I have some experience related to their dietary preferences. Very often it happens that my clients turn their noses if they see that preparing a meal requires more time than 5 – 10 minutes. For example, for men training in the gym, the peak of sacrifice is usually to cook rice and chicken breast. Washing and cutting vegetables? Making a salad? Why, there is no protein there … The fact that the dish is sterile and unpalatable is not important for many people, what counts is the number of calories and the content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats 


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