Foods that care about hormonal management

The diet has a great influence on how the human body functions. Adequate nutritional choices ensure hormonal balance, increase physical and intellectual performance, and make skin and hair look healthy and beautiful. It is hormones that control well-being, digestion, libido, metabolism and appearance. If you do not eat properly, your body will not be able to produce them.

Our body needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You can not deprive him of anything. Fat is one of the most important elements in the hormonal puzzle. Hormones are produced using some fatty acids and cholesterol. Without them, they will not arise and the balance will be shaken. This is especially important for women.

The diet should be based on carbohydrates from vegetables and cereal products, healthy fats and protein, and it is worth including antioxidants and medicinal herbs.

Here is a list of foods that should be included in your daily menu to help your body maintain a hormonal balance

Protein – soaked or germinating nuts, beans, seeds, quinoa, lentils, eggs, wild fish

Grease – pumpkin seeds, linseed, chia seeds, avocados, nuts and vegetable oils

Vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants – green (asparagus, broccoli, spinach, kale, parsley, apples), orange and red (carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, wild rose), purple (beets, chokeberry, grapes, black currant)

Spices and herbs – cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper, cumin, cumin, garlic, ginger.

If the body receives everything it needs, it will reach a state of hormonal balance. Certainly, the skin will then shine, you will experience emotional stability and discover new layers of energy. The human body has an amazing ability to self-heal, which he does when his needs are met for macro- and micro-components.

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