Fructose is a poison (part 2/2)

Fructose, after getting into the liver, is quickly converted into glycogen. That is why sports drinks contain fructose and only in the case of athletes practicing endurance disciplines, it makes sense to use them – during enormous efforts, eg after running a marathon, glycogen stores in the liver are exhausted, and fructose allows them to quickly renew.

The problem is that this type of drinks is drunk by ordinary people who do not have to rebuild glycogen depletion, because they do not end up with exhaustion. This causes the fructose to undergo further transformation.

The first sports drinks, eg Gatorade) tasted terrible. In 1992, Gatorade became the property of Pepsi Co. The new owner, to increase the popularity and attractiveness of the drink, began to add glucose-fructose syrup to it – to make the drink tastier. This drink intended for athletes went to the hands of ordinary people – adults and children.

However, they do not need to renew their liver glycogen stores. So instead of glycogen stores, the fructose liver “produces \ fat and harmful vLDL. As much as 30% of the fructose we eat is turned into fat.

Fructose also raises triglycerides in the blood.

Research carried out on students who were fed a diet rich in fructose for 6 days showed a twofold increase in triglyceride levels and a fivefold increase in the amount of fat produced in the body.

The result of hepatic fructose metabolism is also the formation of free fatty acids that get into the muscles, causing insulin resistance.

The changes in fructose that occur in the liver contribute to an increased risk of developing non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Insulin resistance is of the greatest importance in its development. As a result, fat accumulates in the liver cells (steatosis develops). Then, as a result of subsequent biochemical processes (lipid peroxidation with the production of proinflammatory cytokines), hepatitis develops.

This is not the end of bad news, because the presence of fructose in the diet leads to the formation of substances that cause inflammation – as is the case when drinking alcohol. In addition, similar to muscle, the liver itself becomes insensitive to insulin. Therefore, the body must produce more of it, which raises blood pressure, promotes the formation of fatty tissue and makes the process of inhibiting hunger due to the action of leptin – the body is still hungry despite the meal or drink.

What are the effects of using an increased fructose diet? These include hypertension, heart disorder, pancreatitis, dyslipidemia (elevated blood fat, including triglycerides), overweight, liver damage, increased insulin resistance of the fetuses, habit bordering on addiction.

Do you remember the effects of alcohol abuse listed above? Compare.

Ethanol and fructose are metabolized in the same way!

A few words about physical activity

Do you know why you have to move to lose weight? Do you think it’s about burning calories? There are more important reasons. The movement increases the sensitivity of muscles to insulin, reduces the effects of stress, reduces cortisol (a hormone favoring weight gain), prevents the conversion of fructose into fat and increases the sensitivity of the liver to insulin. Thus, the movement blocks the mechanism that makes us fat.


Is fructose eaten with fruit harmful?

No. In nature, fructose is accompanied by a large amount of fiber, and the fructose content in relation to it is small. Eating fruit and vegetables we eat relatively little fructose, but a lot of fiber, which is one of the basic macronutrients and an indispensable element of a healthy diet.

Fiber reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from the gastrointestinal tract by lowering the amount of insulin appearing in the blood, it accelerates the appearance of a feeling of fullness, reduces the absorption of some free fatty acids, which again lowers the level of insulin.


Why are babies, children and adults a week?

In the composition of many types of milk (we are not talking about breast milk!) For babies is glucose-fructose syrup or corn syrup and / or sugar. In a portion of such milk can be as much sugar as in the same portion of cola …

The more a small child eats sweets, the more desire for sweets will be at a later age. The more sweets a pregnant woman eats, the more sweetness her child will have.

There is no difference between drinking a small can of beer and cans of cola. Both drinks contain poison in the form of ethanol or sugar and after drinking both of 150 kcal that they contain, about 90 goes to the liver (90 kcal for cola, 92 kcal for beer), and are metabolized in an identical, harmful to the body way . Will you allow your child to drink a can of beer? Of course not, because it contains poison. A can of cola (or other sweetened beverages) contains the same toxic substance – sugar.


Calorie is not equal to calories

As you can see from the above information, MA is the meaning of what calories you eat. Therefore, you can not only use a specific calorie diet to maintain a constant weight or lose weight. It is important what these calories come from. With 120 kcal of glucose only 1/2 kcal will be converted into fat. With every 120 kcal of fructose that we eat, up to 40 kcal (80 times more) will be converted into fat-damaging fat. That is why we emphasize once again the importance of not only how many calories we eat, but also what they come from.


In order to finally disgust you about the willingness of processed products containing fructose, we will add that the more people who want to lose weight eat it, the harder it will be and will, even after discontinuing fructose, achieve the goal.


Remember, you are not what you eat, but what your body will do with the food you eat. Fructose is a natural sugar, but in a non-fiber form, it is a poison. Sugar too. Poison that does not cause symptoms of poisoning after eating one of the bars, cakes or drinking one drink containing it. However, the effects of the liver’s metabolism of fructose are cumulative. Fructose (sugar) is a poison whose effects can be seen only after taking it with tens and hundreds of products. There is overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome, liver and pancreatic disease, type II diabetes, heart disease. These effects appear after years of eating sweet food. This is what the Americans and us Poles do.


How to fight overweight and obesity according to Dr. Lustig?

Stop drinking sugared drinks. Replace them with water or milk.

Eat carbohydrates with fiber.

Wait 20 minutes before making the decision.

Save the same amount of time on the move as you sit in front of the TV

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