Garlic, antibiotic, healing properties of garlic

Garlic is the absolute leader in the world of medicinal plants is a natural antibiotic, it inhibits the growth of bacteria, fights infections, lowers blood pressure.” Even those who do not like the specific smell of garlic, can not deny it extraordinary properties. ”

Why garlic is always successful?

Just eat only one clove of garlic a day to feel its beneficial effect on health in a short time. In this small clove, the whole pharmacy is hidden – flavonoid compounds, amino acids, saponins, sugars, mucous compounds, vitamins (B1, B2, PP, C, provitamin A), numerous mineral salts (including potassium, calcium, magnesium) and rare micronutrients (including cobalt, chromium, nickel). But the most valuable in garlic are the essential oils rich in in sulfides and allicin, a compound with a characteristic pungent aroma, the healthiest garlic is raw, but because of its specific smell, not accepted by all, we rarely eat it in this form .. Fortunately, as an alternative we have many odorless preparations containing pure lyophilized garlic or in the form of oil macerate, as well as many preparations in which garlic is one of the main ingredients.


Garlic helps fight infection

Studies have shown that garlic is very effective in preventing and fighting viral infections of the respiratory system, which is due to volatile sulfur compounds and essential oils, which is why in the autumn and winter garlic should stay on our menu permanently. crushed garlic cloves make it easier to cough, heat, increase sweating, lower fever, and clear the airways.


Garlic protects against infarction and stroke

Garlic has antiplatelet properties similar to aspirin – it significantly reduces the viscosity of the blood, but that’s not all – it also affects the vascular endothelium, causing the blood vessels to relax, which can prevent a heart attack and stroke, and also reduces atherosclerotic lesions. that regular eating of garlic improves the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow.


Garlic supports digestion

Garlic has a very positive effect on the digestive system – it accelerates and intensifies bile secretion, improves intestinal function and thus prevents the formation of unpleasant bloating, which is why it is a great addition not only to meats but also to many other fatty and hard-to-digest foods.”


Garlic destroys intestinal parasites

Due to the extremely strong germicidal action, garlic is a very effective weapon against parasites in the digestive system, pinworms, or even tapeworms.If you are suspected of such a problem, you should drink garlic tincture in a glass of water throughout the night for several weeks on an empty stomach, eat a few teeth raw garlic or drink milk boiled with garlic.


Garlic lowers blood pressure

Garlic does not only act on the vascular endothelium, causing vasodilatation, but it also inhibits the ACE enzyme involved in regulating blood pressure.” Research carried out in many research centers showed that regular consumption of garlic can lower blood pressure by as much as 10% and thus to prevent a heart attack, especially in people with known coronary atherosclerosis who have already had one heart attack.


It will be useful to you

Recipe of healing garlic tincture

100 g of crushed garlic pour 1/2 liter of pure vodka.Put the dish in a warm place for 10 days, shake it every now and then.Trace it, store the tincture in the fridge.Twice a day, take 10-20 drops in 1/4 glass of water as a means to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.Tincture also works against atherosclerosis, helps with rheumatic pains.After a monthly treatment, a break should be taken several weeks.


Garlic inhibits bacterial growth

The essential oils contained in garlic, rich in sulfur compounds, are an excellent natural antibiotic, even stronger than penicillin. They inhibit the development of the most dangerous bacteria – staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, colon bacilli, capsule – which are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. they confirm clinical trials, garlic has no side effects, typical for chemical antibiotics – it does not destroy the natural bacterial flora.


Garlic has anti-cancer effect

Garlic destroys bacteria resistant to the effects of various substances, such as those found in the stomach of Helicobacter pylori, responsible for this organ’s cancer.” This is also due to the large amount and variety of strong antioxidants that not only inhibit carcinogenesis processes, but also stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells As a result – as demonstrated by research – regular consumption of garlic or taking its extracts can significantly reduce the risk of developing gastric cancer, colon cancer and colorectal cancer.


Garlic rejuvenates

Thanks to the abundance of antioxidants, garlic not only fights free radicals, but also inhibits the formation of new ones, which slows down the aging process of the body, including skin, etc. It also provides many vitamins and minerals important for the nice appearance of the skin. It prevents the formation of varicose veins and the appearance of spider veins on the skin.The properties of disinfecting garlic make it rinsing with water in which the crushed teeth were soaked, helps to heal bumps or fungal changes.

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