Good and bad carbohydrates

Although in recent times there is widespread fear of the so-called with coals, it is known that some are less and others a more desirable ingredient in our diet. Although in simple simplification, simple sugars are considered bad, and too good – complex, in practice this division is not always hit. There are at least a few factors modifying the health properties of the carbohydrates consumed, of which the degree of processing of the product and its nutritional density can be considered as basic. If you want to know what is behind these concepts and learn to distinguish between good and bad sugars, I invite you to read this article. 


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Complex sugars are not always good! 

Although it has been accepted, complex products that are mainly included in cereal products are an ally of our health and our figure, in practice the situation does not always look so colorful. For example, a great source is bread made from white flour, as well as white rice and pasta. Meanwhile – as everyone knows – eating these products is not very conducive to maintaining a healthy body weight, and can also adversely affect the functioning of our body. 

This is due to the fact that in the products mentioned above, they are in a form purified from the addition of fiber starch, which is rapidly degraded by our digestive enzymes to glucose, and then equally quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. In practice, therefore, eating a Kaiser or a baguette causes a rapid increase in the level of sugar in the blood, which results in a strong response from the hormone insulin, conducive to the accumulation of stored fat. 



So are the sugars made generally bad? 

No, if they are delivered in the form of low-processed food products with high fiber content! 

In the technological process of food processing, many valuable ingredients are gradually removed. During the purification of the seeds, the fruit and seed coatings are removed, which ultimately results in the removal of the final product of fiber, certain vitamins and minerals. Low processed cereal products obtained from whole grains, due to the presence of the above-mentioned ingredients, slow down the digestion of starch and slow the passage into the bloodstream released by glucose enzymes, so that they do not cause a strong insulin response. In addition, the presence of vitamins B, magnesium and chromium has a positive effect on the energy management of the body. 


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