Green tea – pro-healthy drink

Research has proven that green tea has an amazing amount of antioxidants and whole layers of antioxidants.

The Chinese know the health properties of green tea from antiquity. She treated her with headaches, rheumatism, depression and many other diseases. In Poland, this tea is also gaining popularity and more and more people are drinking. What has been known in China for centuries to the West has only reached after thorough analysis of this tea. Research has proven that green tea has an amazing amount of antioxidants and whole layers of antioxidants.

Below are some of the most important advantages of this increasingly popular drink

Slimming / metabolism

Many scientific centers conducted research to not only believe but also to confirm that consumption of green tea improves metabolism. This in turn may support weight loss or its subsequent maintenance within the normal range. Experiments show that in combination with training you can lose several kilos a month. Instead of using expensive dietary supplements, it is worth introducing regular drinking green tea into your diet.

Strongly strengthens the immune system

The catechins contained in it have a beneficial effect on our immune system. The analyzes carried out in 2003 showed that the tein contained in green tea increases the activity of T-lymphocytes. The more they are in our body, the higher our immunity. A study was conducted in which there were two groups. The first group drank 600 ml of green tea daily and the other 600 ml of coffee. After four weeks, blood samples were taken from them. It turned out that the first group had a 5-fold higher concentration of T lymphocytes. It was also proved that daily drinking of green tea helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

It soothes the symptoms of acne

Yes it’s true! Green tea also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which reduces redness and breakouts. After drinking a tea, it is worth applying green tea leaves to skin changes. They will cover the skin and pull it off.

It lowers the level of \ bad \ cholesterol

A study based on results among a small group of people showed that men who drank green tea were more susceptible to lowering cholesterol than those who did not drink it.

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