Green tea raises the HGH level

The effect of growth hormone (HGH) on the results achieved by people in body sports is widely known. It can help the body in many areas. Unfortunately, very few athletes know that you can naturally increase its level in a very simple way. 


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How does HGH affect the figure? 

HGH can reduce the overall percentage of body fat, and further increase the cardiovascular capacity. Thanks to this, not only training is more effective, but also by the loss of body fat, muscle tissue is enhanced. It is worth noting that HGH also affects a quieter sleep, which makes the body regenerate faster. 

What is Growth Hormone really? 

The growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and is a substance that naturally occurs in the human body. Unfortunately, the production of growth hormone is not uniform – with the passage of years it is less and less. 

Drink green tea! 

Green tea is an excellent stimulus for the body, which can increase the production of growth hormone. As shown in the research published in the scientific journal Alternative Medicine Review, the active substance found in green tea is directly related to the level of growth hormone. During the research, an experiment was carried out in which participants were imposed a low-calorie diet. They were divided into two groups – in the first group, the researchers included products containing green tea in the diet, and in the second group they used a placebo. The experiment lasted for a total of 90 days. 

The results were surprising. The first group of people who were recommended to drink green tea and eat products containing green tea, increased the level of growth hormone up to 320%. Compared to the second group, HGH only increased by 20%. It is also worth adding that both groups reported an additional increase in IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). It is a basic substance that is secreted under the influence of growth hormone. As before, in both groups, the researchers observed large differences in the results of the increase in the insulin-like substance. In the first group, where participants consumed products containing green tea, IGF-1 increased by 24%, while in the second group by only 15%. People who used green tea products lost weight three times as much as the subjects who used the placebo. 

Natural supplementation with a recipe for success 

The research results leave no illusions – green tea increases not only the level of HGH, but also IGF-1. You can find here an analogy between diet and exercise – both stimuli complement each other and drive our body to work. This is the relationship between the active substance found in green tea and the level of growth hormone. A wise combination of diet, training and natural supplementation (green tea) can bring a result that we fight so hard for. A healthy, strong and shapely figure. 


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