Hazelnuts – properties and nutritional values

Hazelnuts, like other nuts, have numerous properties and nutritional values, so it is worthwhile to be permanently in the daily diet.

Hazelnuts, like other nuts, have numerous properties and nutritional values, but on the background they are distinguished by a large content of vitamin E, or vitamin of youth and fertility. That is why hazelnuts are recommended for potency. fight with unnecessary fat, especially with the so-called tire. Check what else hazelnuts do.

Hazelnuts, or fruit of hazel, like other nuts, have numerous nutritional values ​​and healing properties, but attention is paid to the large content of vitamin E (15.03 mg / 100 g), or the vitamin of youth and fertility. In hazelnuts you can also find a lot of B vitamins that strengthen the nerves, potassium, which reduces blood pressure, and calcium and phosphorus – elements that are responsible for strong bones and teeth.In hazelnuts there is also a lack of essential fatty acids (EFA), especially monounsaturates, In turn, modern phytotherapy recommends hazelnuts for cough, just add chopped nuts to milk or water with honey and mix it, while leaves and bark of hazel make a decoction for external use, which in folk medicine is considered a remedy for varicose veins.

Hazelnuts against hypertension, atherosclerosis and blood clots

Hazelnuts are a treasure trove of potassium (680 mg / 100 g), which regulates blood pressure, also contain a lot of fiber (9.7 mg / 100 g) and unsaturated fatty acids that lower the level of bad cholesterol, and raise the level of this good HDL, thereby preventing the development of atherosclerosis. Hazelnuts, like all nuts, are also rich in arginine – an amino acid that transforms into nitric oxide in the body, thereby increasing the light of the blood vessels by relaxing their smooth muscles. the vitamin E contained in them prevents the platelets from sticking together and thus prevents blood clots, so hazelnuts can be included in the diet to prevent cardiovascular diseases.


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Hazelnuts for potency

Hazelnuts are a rich source of vitamin E, which is called a fertility vitamin for a reason, because it is essential for the proper functioning of reproductive organs, its deficiency reduces the secretion of gonadotropin hormone, which contributes to the degeneration of sperm in men.

Vitamins from group B, which are also missing in hazelnuts (especially niacin, or vitamin B3 – 1,800 mg / 100 g), also have a positive effect on potency and fertility, because they support the secretion of sex hormones.

Hazelnuts for strong nerves

B vitamins are also responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system, improved memory and efficient thinking.More similar functions are magnesium (163 mg / 100g), which is also present in hazelnuts. nervous tension, stress and mental fatigue.

Hazelnuts for slimming

Hazelnuts, although they have a lot of calories (628 kcal / 100 g) and fat (60.75 g / 100 g), should be included in the slimming diet, because, as the scientists argue, fat tight in nuts does not fatten. On the contrary – runs In the body, accelerating fat burning processes In the case of hazelnuts, faster burning applies especially to the so-called oponki – thanks to the dominance of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Therefore, hazelnuts can help slimming (they will work especially in the diet for a flat stomach), but only if they are consumed in moderate amounts and instead of a meal, not as an additional snack.


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