Healthy food

There is no doubt that the diet of the majority of the population is wrong.We make many mistakes through faulty habits, bad traditions and bad tastes.We have insufficient knowledge about rational nutrition.All these omissions and negligence lead us to the rapid growth of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and cancer.

All this is caused to a greater extent by improper nutrition.We consume too much animal fats, sugars and white bread.We abuse alcohol and other drugs that are poison for our body.Nobody is surprised by a few-year-old child who, after asking a question about a favorite dinner dish, replies that it is a hamburger and a cola.


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Return to the original food standards

Is it possible to return to the original nutrition standards nowadays?Is it possible to make people eat whole-day bread, vegetables, fruits, milk and other natural and healthy food products?Poor eating habits resulting from the development of industry and chemistry are an additional factor that triggers disease processes.According to statistics, almost half of schoolchildren require medical care.This is worrying, especially since it is largely due to improper nutrition.

Healthy food

Satisfying your nutritional needs requires appropriate knowledge and skills on our part.It is not easy to determine the correct food ration, arrange the appropriate product structure.This should be done in such a way that they contain in the right proportions the necessarynutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats.We distinguish one-sided products in terms of nutrient content, such as sugar, fats, sweets.Vegetables and fruits have a huge amount of carbohydrates, minerals, and a small amount of protein and fat.In turn, in meat, poultry, eggs, cheeses, there is an advantage of protein and fat.Legume seeds and cereal products contain the greatest variety of nutrients.The least varied in terms of nutrients is milk.Such knowledge is undoubtedly necessary for us to compose an appropriate food ration.


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Am I planning a daily food ration?

To arrange a daily dose of food, it is necessary to know the content of individual nutrients in food products.You should also know what products can be replaced and what.

The basic nutritional products include

These products, consumed in a quantity consistent with food standards, cover most of the need for protein, vitamins and more important minerals

In turn, eat meat, poultry, fish and eggs in smaller quantities, because they cover only the most of the protein needs.


Salt is a huge threat to our health.It is a threat to our circulatory system.It disturbs our water management, causes edema, kidney problems and blood pressure.With this in mind, we limit various types of powdered spices that contain huge amounts of salt.There is no doubt that also various types of food additives are harmful to our health.So let’s avoid dyes, preservatives and stabilizers.Avoid also sweeteners, replace them with honey.


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Unfortunately, these products should be avoided.Why?Canned food does not contain as much valuable nutrients and vitamins as fresh products.The canned products are mostly salty and have many dyes and preservatives.According to food research, every third canned food has a poorer composition than the one on the label.

We discussed the basic principles of selecting products for nutritional reasons.

What should be reduced and how to enrich our menu?

These are products such as;flour, butter, meat.These products should be consumed in the smallest quantities, although their complete elimination is wrong.

An example is flour, which is a product that gives only energy.It is therefore recommended to eat dan produced from wholegrain unpurified flour.Why?In the shell of cereal grains we find a wealth of mineral salts, fiber and vitamins.As for milk, it should only be consumed by children.Why?As adults, we do not produce the enzymes needed to digest lactose and casein.Therefore, milk is a heavy product for us.In turn, dairy products, those fermented, such as yogurt, kefir, cheese, contain bacterial flora, which is beneficial for our digestive and immune systems.

Butter is a product that needs to be reduced.It contains eighty-two percent fat.Most of them are harmful saturated fats.It is a highly caloric product, which gives rise to bad LDL cholesterol.Butter is recommended, however, for children and adolescents.

Another product to be reduced is sugar and sweetened products.Sugar is high in calories, which means that we quickly gain weight.Quite a contentious product is undoubtedly meat, which is rich in protein, iron, B vitamins. Unfortunately, it has a large amount of digestible protein, which causes a burden on our kidneys.

Among the stimulants, it is worth giving up the abuse of alcohol and coffee.You should stop drinking pure alcohol often in the form of vodka or spirits.We greatly damage our liver and the entire digestive system.You can afford the time for red wine and unpasteurised beer.Drinking from light beer is also recommended for our kidneys.


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