On the way to a slim figure and well-being, nothing can replace the proper eating habits and physical activity. However, you can help the body, including the daily diet of herbs. You should choose the ones that will be suitable for us. Below are examples of them. 


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1. Peppermint 

It supports digestion processes, increases the secretion of gastric juice. It helps with bloating and fermentation in the gut. 

2. Horsetail 

It works diuretic. Its composition contains silica, which is easily soluble in water. It improves metabolism. Equisetum arable also affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails. 

3. Common dandelion 

It stimulates liver function, supports bile secretion and helps its flow into the duodenum. The components of the dandelion increase the secretion of gastric juice, helping to digest food. 

4. Common Ravish 

In herbal medicine, both powdered bark and fruit are used. The brew stimulates the large intestine, acting laxative. It also acts as an auxiliary in the production of bile. It is essential to remember that the fresh buckthorn is poisonous. During the drying process, it loses these properties, but it should be considered. 

5. Lubiol lekarski 

It works diuretic, stimulates the digestive system to work more intensively. It also helps to reduce excessive intestinal fermentation. Relieves abdominal pain, bloating and indigestion. 

6. Common yarrow 

This herb increases the secretion of gastric juice, assists in the absorption of valuable nutrients and stimulates the digestive processes. However, it should be considered because it can cause a rash in people who are prone to allergies. In excessive amounts it can cause headaches and dizziness. 

7. Wild strawberry 

In herbal medicine, in addition to fruits, the leaves of wild strawberry are also used. They work diuretic. Infusions from leaves or fruit stimulate the metabolism and stimulate the kidneys to work better. They also eliminate intestinal inflammation. 

8. Medical sage 

It supports the secretion of gastric juice, regulates intestinal motility and acts carmine. It is used in catarrh of the gastrointestinal tract with excessive fermentation. 

9. Chili 

He comes from South America and South Asia. It is received from the dried fruits of the bushy pepper. The capsaicin contained in it stimulates the digestive processes and increases appetite. 

10. Yerba mate 

These are dried and ground leaves of yerba mate. It increases the feeling of fullness, reduces appetite and speeds up the metabolism. The mateina, the equivalent of caffeine, is responsible for this. The diuretic herbs that accelerate the processes of removing toxins from the body include nettle, coriander, aaerophytes, and hawkweed. Among the herbs that suppress the appetite, on the other hand, there are the psyllium plantain, linseed, coltsfoot, pansy herb, acacia flower. 

11. Three-colored violet, basil, savory, thyme 

The tricolor violet works detoxifyingly and slightly diuretic. It also improves metabolism. Basil supports the regulation of cholesterol in the blood, facilitates the digestion of proteins and fat. Savory stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, affects the alleviation of inflammation. Thyme has a bactericidal effect and helps digestion of fatty foods. 

12. Herbs – summary 

Various herbal mixtures, which can be bought in pharmacies and herbal stores, are composed by monks such as herbs of father Grzegorz Sroka, herbs of Father Klimuszko, herbs of the Bonifratri, herbs of the monk, which help the various functions of the organism, and the most popular are the herbs of the monk slimming. Their composition depends on the destination. As for everything, opinions 

You can find about these herbs on more than one forum. 

People who do not know the herbs should not collect them on their own, because the similarity between species is large and you can collect herbs with poisonous properties by mistake. It’s best to buy herbs in proven herbal shops, where you can find out experienced people, which herbs will be suitable for us. 

Do not mix the blends yourself, because poorly selected blends can have a negative effect on health. If you are taking other medications, use all herbs to consult your doctor to avoid that the herbs inhibit or increase the effect of the medicine. 


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