Honey is created by processing sweet vegetable juices or floral nectar. It is a sweet, high-calorie and medicinal product. It has been used for many thousands of years. More and more people are interested in a natural and healthy way of eating. He uses food products that do not have chemicals. Due to the fact that honey is a valuable nutritional and therapeutic substance, and at the same time a natural product, we reach for it more often.

Division of honey
Honey, depending on the raw material from which it is formed, is divided into floral, mixed and honeydew. Depending on the color, we distinguish between light and dark honey.
Honey is a product that quickly absorbs all fragrances. By hygroscopicity, store it in dry, ventilated and cool rooms, the temperature of which does not exceed 18 ° C. If we use honey as an antibiotic, protect it from the sun. Why? The sun’s rays adversely affect the reduction of its antibiotic activity. Honey stored under room temperature after a few months loses half of the antibiotic activity.

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Description of the best known and used by us honey
Multi-flower honey comes from nectar harvested from meadow, cultivated, forest and mountain plants. It has a sweet taste and strong smell. Has low antibiotic activity. It is used especially in
This honey has many pollen grains, which are specific antigens that produce antibodies in the patient.
Acacia honey is a slightly bland honey with difficult crystallization. It contains a large amount of fructose, is characterized by a very intense scent of Robinia acacia flowers, trees from which nectar bees produce honey. Acacia honey should be used for the purpose
Linden honey has a spicy, spicy taste and strong floral aroma. It is honey, which has a greenish-yellow color. After crystallization, it takes on a fine-grained, krupkowatą consistency. Linden flowers contain many essential oils, such as tannins, gentian or saponin. In addition, they contain ascorbic acid and carotene. This honey has been used
In combination with raspberry juice and elderberry flower, it is an excellent remedy for colds.
Rapeseed honey is colorless, lightly straw-colored or light yellow with a greenish coloration. It is honey for real gourmets, due to a bland, tasteless bitterness. For many, it is called regenerative honey, because it quickly puts on its feet. This is honey that particularly affects
The most well-known and at the same time valuable components of honey include micro- and macroelements contained in it, the most important of which is iron, manganese, cobalt and magnesium.
The treatment of diseases with harvested, processed or secreted products by bees is called apitherapy.


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We include such products

Looking at the composition of bee products, it can be stated that honey has
And here are the nutritional values ​​contained in one teaspoon (12 g) of honey
According to many beekeepers, whoever eats and drinks them, he lives a long time, so let’s try to keep him in our food.

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