How long will the abundant meal leave on my stomach?

It has been assumed that fat gain in the waist region is spread over time. In fact, you probably can not gain weight from day to day, and overweight and obesity usually works for years.


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However, it is worth realizing that one incorrectly balanced, too caloric meal can in a very short time supply our fat reserves with an additional dose of spare energy. Although it will not be centimeters or kilograms, and the changes can not be seen with the naked eye, however, every next hamburger or donut almost immediately makes a brick. 

According to the prevailing belief, if you eat something unhealthy it is better in the morning, because then our body has a chance to burn the excess calories in the following times of the day. In practice, this statement is true only if within a few dozen minutes of a meal we plan intensive physical exercise. Otherwise, the energy surplus will be stored just in the area of ​​our belt. Only two to three hours will allow the body to store an extra 2 – 3 teaspoons of fat!


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