How many calories do fast-food dishes have?

Sometimes you do not have a choice and you have to eat a meal from the fast-food category, eg when you have been stuck in a traffic jam for long hours. 

Fast-food is simply a quick dish. It’s accepted to specify meals that they are caloric, they have a high fat content, especially saturated fatty acids, they do not have an addition (or have a small amount) of vegetables, they are often served together with sweetened drinks, they are very salty. 


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According to some studies, this combination of calories + fat + sugar + salt is addictive and makes you look more and more often at a fast-food restaurant. 

How to choose fast-food? 

We have prepared rules for you that are worth using when you have to eat at a fast-food restaurant. 

Give up fries. In their place, ask for a salad. 

Choose a non-caloric drink. Bet on water or tea. 

Put on classic dishes – the hamburger and cheeseburger usually have the least calories. 

Never order enlarged portions. 

If you have the option to choose meat without breadcrumbs – beef or grilled chicken. 

Ask for an extra portion of vegetables. 

Do not pour dishes with mayonnaise. All you need is a small addition of ketchup. 

Choose a pizza on a thin bottom. 

Order a kebab in a thin cake – lavash. Avoid big, fluffy rolls. 

Nutritional values ​​in fast-food dishes 

Remember that restaurants are required to provide information about the nutritional value of their meals. You have the right to ask for tables where you can check 

energy value (calorific value), 

fat content (and saturated fatty acids), 

the content of carbohydrates (and sugar), 

protein content, 

salt content. 

How many calories have the most popular fast-food dishes? 

Hamburger 254 kcal 

Cheeseburger 304 kcal 

Kebab in a bun 878 kcal 

Big fries 448 kcal 

Hot dog 436 kcal 

A slice of pizza 365 kcal 

Chicken nuggets, 377 kcal 


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