How many calories does coffee and tea have?

Black coffee and sugar-free tea do not provide calories. An espresso cup has only 1 kcal, and 0 kcal tea. It is enough, however, to add milk, sugar, whipped cream or flavored syrup so that the caloric value will increase significantly. Often you add not one, but a few additions. It is thanks to them that coffee can turn into a calorific bomb. 


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If you drink a few of these beverages during the day, you may find that you have consumed the amount of calories in a large dinner. Coffee with whipped cream and amaretto syrup is like dessert, but at the same time it still remains liquid, which reduces hunger to a small extent. 

The caloricity of tea depends on 

added sugar, 

addition of honey, 

addition of flavored syrups (eg raspberry). 

The caloricity of coffee depends on 

milk type, 

addition of flavored syrups, 

addition of whipped cream. 

Calorific value of classic coffees and teas 

See how many calories have classic types of coffees and teas without sugar! 

A cup of espresso coffee (50 ml) 1 kcal 

A cup of cappuccino coffee (150 ml) 55 kcal 

A glass of latte coffee (250 ml) 143 kcal 

A glass of cereal coffee (250 ml) 5 kcal 

A glass of black, green, red, white tea without sugar (250 ml) 0 kcal 

A glass of raspberry tea, hibiscus without sugar (150 ml) 0 kcal 

Caloricity of coffee and tea additives 

Check how many calories have the most popular additions to coffee and tea. 

A glass of milk 0.5% (250 ml) 98 kcal 

A glass of milk 2% (250 ml) 128 kcal 

A glass of milk 3.2% (250 ml) 153 kcal 

A glass of soy drink (milk) (250 ml) 103 kcal 

A glass of coconut milk (milk) (250 ml) 63 kcal 

A glass of almond drink (milk) (250 ml) 75 kcal 

Portion of whipped cream 145 kcal 

A spoon of amaretto syrup 32 kcal 

A spoon of raspberry syrup 21 kcal 

A spoon of sugar (5 g) 20 kcal 

A spoon of honey (12 g) 39 kcal 

The effect of tea and coffee additives on their calorific value 

We will show you how additives change the calorie content of coffee! See how the calories increase! 

Espresso + a glass of milk 2% 129 kcal 

Espresso + a glass of milk 2% + whipped cream 274 kcal 

Espresso + a glass of milk 2% + whipped cream + 2 tablespoons of flavored syrup 338 kcal 

A glass of black tea without sugar 0 kcal 

A glass of black tea with a teaspoon of 20 kcal sugar 

A glass of black tea with 2 teaspoons of 60 kcal sugar 

A glass of black tea with 3 teaspoons of 60 kcal sugar 

If you drink during the day 

2 teas (each sweetened with 2 teaspoons of sugar), 

latte coffee without sugar, 

flavored coffee with whipped cream and syrup, 

together you will provide an additional 600 kcal! Pay attention to this during the next meeting with friends in the cafe. 


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