How to choose the best diet for slimming?

How to find yourself in the jungle of new diets? If you do not want to fall into the trap of weight loss and weight change, check whether the diet has the features of a good slimming diet. What to look for? 


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Fast effect in a short time? 

Obesity is a complex problem and there is no one solution. Therefore, pay special attention to slimming diets that promise to find one, specific, instant way to lose weight. Why was not he talked about earlier? He was not known or everyone hid him! Although it sounds convincing, this is just a psychological manipulation! 

Author of the diet 

Who is the author of the diet? A doctor, dietitian or maybe a trainer who has his innovative method? Trust only educated people with experience who refer to scientific sources and do not stand in opposition to the whole dietary world. 

Your effort is needed! 

All over the world, the most important organizations related to dietetics (in Poland, the Institute of Food and Nutrition) are in agreement as to the basic nutritional recommendations. They are created on the basis of thousands of studies subjected to statistical analysis, and not only based on the experience of a single person. You know these recommendations very well, eat fish, limit salt, remember about vegetables and fruits, care for hydration. Only to achieve them you need your effort and commitment! You will not notice the effects without it! 

Features of a good slimming diet 

1. Does not exclude a large group of products! 

In the long run, you can not stand on a diet that excludes, for example, all cereal products. 


2. Easy to use and tasty 

If you spend 3 hours in the kitchen every day and the dishes will reject you, you will end your diet after a few days! 


3. Provides a visible short-term effect! 

You need motivation, that’s why you want to see the effect of your actions. 


4. Prevents the yo-yo effect 

A good slimming program provides a way out of the diet and stabilizes eating habits so that there is no yo-yo effect. 


5. Has a positive effect on health 

You feel that you have more energy! The results of your blood tests also improve! 


6. It is not expensive! 

You can not spend a fortune on grocery shopping! The diet should be based on commonly available products! 

The best slimming diets in recent years 

Based on these tips, we have chosen the best weight-loss diets for you in recent years. Choose the one that best suits your needs. We found ourselves in our top 

Mediterranean diet 

DASH diet 

Volumetric (volumetric) diet 


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