How to deal with snacking?

Hunger attacks are rarely associated with real body needs for nutrients. They have a lot in common with brain chemistry, pleasure and self-rewarding.

You can have a violent desire for something sweet or salty, crunchy or creamy, and indulging such whims will ruin every diet and healthy eating style. How to prevent this?

  1. Ice cream

People who often craving for food have a higher BMI. This is not surprising, because many people go for high-calorie snacks, such as ice cream. One serving of vanilla ice cream may contain 230 kcal (due to the fat and sugar content).

A sensible output of fruit sorbet, self-mixed fruit with ice cubes and a drop of skim milk – more than half the calories less than traditional ice cream.


  1. Potato chips

The combination of salty taste and crispness … tempting! But a small pack of chips can add 150 kcal to your diet, and a large one close to 1000!

Reasonable output of crispy raw celery or carrot dipped in hummus – fewer calories, crunching pleasure and a portion of valuable nutrients.


  1. Chocolate

Instead of one cube, do you eat a chocolate bar or reach for chocolate bars? fatally

Mars bar – 300 kcal

Milky Way bar – 107 kcal

Twix bar – 240 kcal

Baton Bounty – 132 kcal

Baton Prince Polo (small) – 110 kcal

Baton Prince Polo (normal) – 220 kcal

Snickers bar (small) – 298 kcal

Baton Princess – 205 kcal

White chocolate 100 g – 530 kcal

Dessert chocolate 100 g – 531 kcal

Coffee chocolate 100 g – 526 kcal

Milk chocolate 100 g – 549 kcal

Milk chocolate with hazelnuts 100 g – 539 kcal

Stuffed chocolate 100 g – 450 kcal

A reasonable option is to eat a cube or two dark chocolate – eat less fat and absorb valuable ingredients for health.


  1. Popcorn

Memory plays a big role in the onset of hunger pangs. Does the thought of going to the cinema make you want to eat popcorn? Well … Popcorn is not a bad snack, but the addition of butter can make its bucket, depending on its size, can contain from 400 to 1200 kcal.

A reasonable output portion of plain popcorn.


  1. Picnic food

Outdoor events are often accompanied by fast food booths. Sometimes it’s hard to resist the smells coming from them, which can result in absorbing extra calories.

Reasonable output of the corn on the cob with a little butter – only 150 kcal, or … taken from home


  1. Donuts

People who are on a slimming diet often dream of donuts, which are a symbol of high-calorie food. And denying all the pleasures resulting from eating, which one has an appetite, usually ends with a fiasco of the diet. Therefore, it is better to buy a donut, slowly chew its two bites, and throw the rest away or give back to a friend who does not complain about the figure. The only problem is that the donuts do not contain any ingredients valuable for health.

A reasonable output of a wholegrain muffin with apple sauce or a bit of low-sugar jam.


  1. Red meat

Lunch without meat is not dinner? Okay, but choose the type of meat that will contain as little fat as possible. A traditional steak can be “worth 700 calories, and if you do not lose fat even more.

Reasonable exit lean lean beef or veal – for example, bits or thin pork chop without breadcrumbs.


  1. Pizza

A sensible output of homemade pizza, from wholemeal flour, with vegetables and skimmed cheese.


  1. Pasta

Who does not like Italian paste ?! Unfortunately, most of the restaurants serve white pasta, free of 80% fiber. Delicious sauces added to pasta also do not usually bend low calorie … A large portion of fettucine pasta can be “worth 800-1200 kcal.

A reasonable output of pasta on wholemeal pasta with a vegetable-based sauce.


  1. French fries

When eating at a restaurant, do you order french fries? And you know that in this way you increase the calorie of the dinner by 300-500 kcal?

Reasonable exit order meat with salads, lots of salads! If you have a strong will, order a small portion of fries and eat only a few of them.


  1. Nuts

It’s healthy, just a caloric snack. When you reach for it in front of the TV or during a party, you will easily lose control over how much you eat it. A bowl of roasted nuts is up to 800 kcal.

A reasonable option to avoid nuts in sugar or toppings. Bet on the nuts that you have to first extract – you will take your hands and head and eat less nuts.


  1. Coffee

Coffee with syrup and a portion of appetizing cream can “cost you 400 kcal. The coffee itself is low in calories. These additions make her an enemy of a slim figure.

Reasonable exit coffee with a minimal amount of sugar and cream, or with skimmed milk.


  1. Afternoon hunger pangs

A vending machine with chocolate bars calls you around 15 o’clock? Donuts in the pastry shop until you squeak, buy and eat them? It’s a signal that you’ve probably lost your blood sugar. Unfortunately, sweet snacks will raise it for a short time, and another appetite will appear faster than you would like.

A sensible way out, reach for a snack containing protein and fiber – it will saturate you for longer. A bowl of beans, a slice of ham with wholemeal bread are good ideas.


  1. Calming the nerves

This is a typical example of snacking that has nothing to do with hunger. It bears the name of emotional food, because food allows you to master stress and pleasure by drowning out negative emotions.

A sensible way out is to learn simple relaxation techniques, go for a walk, practice yoga regularly, do not expose yourself unnecessarily to stress.


  1. Improving well-being

Food for improving mood is a typical affliction of women. However, drowning your sorrow with food will not eliminate your problems. It can only temporarily drown them out, and if food to improve your mood gets you in the blood, you’ll soon get another reason to be sad – overweight.

A reasonable exit search for relief outside the fridge! Meet friends, talk to someone over the phone, listen to your favorite music.


How do you control your diet?

Distinguish a real hunger from an imagined one. When you are hungry, eat something nutritious and valuable. When you feel like eating something and are not hungry, find a job that will replace food, diverting attention away from food.

Walk. Regular movement helps control the appetite for sweets. Just 15 minutes’ walk to avoid an unnecessary snack.

Be consistent. If you do not get used to sweet or fat snacks, they will stop you “walking” on your head at any opportunity. Usually, it usually takes several weeks to recover, but it’s worth trying.

Instead of denying yourself anything you like, control the portions that get into your mouth. You really do not have to eat a whole piece of cake, a whole packet of nuts, or a chocolate bar! Just take a little bit and enjoy the taste of your favorite food instead of suffering, refusing yourself a whole portion.

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