How to eat mushrooms, so that they will not be hard to digest?

How to eat mushrooms, so that they will not be hard to digest? First of all, you should know which foods you can combine them with, which will additionally burden the digestive tract.It is also important the form in which mushrooms are eaten (sauces, soups, pickles, fried mushrooms, cooked). Check how to eat mushrooms, so that they are not hard to digest, from which year of life you can easily give mushrooms to children and why you should not combine mushrooms with alcohol.

How to eat mushrooms, so that they are not hard to digest? Just follow a few basic rules. Thanks to them, each of us will be able to enjoy the amazing taste and aroma of mushrooms without worrying about stomach problems.


How to eat mushrooms, so that they will not be hard to digest?

Mushrooms, although they are low in calories (90% consist of water), are considered to be hard-to-digest products, because the fungal cell walls contain chitin, a multi-sugar that resembles cellulose but is not digested by human stomach. a lot of protein that is poorly dissolved by stomach acids.

For this reason, it is recommended to stew the mushrooms only in their own sauce, not in other, often difficult to digest.This are the sauces that contain sour cream, roux and too few herbs to facilitatedigestion, such as rosemary, thyme, marjoram, savory, caraway, juniper they make the mushrooms even more hard to digest, and the dish, where the stewed mushrooms are an addition to meat, is also hard to digest.

It’s safest to eat mushrooms that have been heat-treated (preferably boiled for about 30 minutes) .You can also fry mushrooms.” It’s not recommended to eat mushrooms over a fire or fried on the baking tray, because they quickly burn while they stay raw. And raw mushrooms may contain dangerous toxins that can cause more serious problems with the digestive system. 


If fungi play a major role in the menu, the remaining products should be easily digestible, so that they do not load the stomach Fungal joints should be avoided with foods that are hard to digest, such as beans, preferably substituted with potatoes and lettuce.

Because the mushrooms stay in your stomach for a long time, you should not eat them in the evening.



Do not combine mushrooms with alcohol!

You should not combine fungi with alcohol, because it cuts in the stomach protein of the fungus, which becomes even more resistant to the action of digestive juices, and hence – longer remains in the stomach.

The most dangerous is the drinking of alcohol right after eating the common blackworm.This fungus contains koparnyna – a substance that stops the process of decomposition of ethyl alcohol in the body, which is a threat to health and even life.

It is not recommended to consume alcoholic beverages as well as alcohol-containing medicines about 2 days before and about 3 days after eating mushrooms.


Who should give up the mushrooms?

people allergic to fungi

people struggling with kidney and liver diseases

people struggling with diseases of the digestive system

elder people

pregnant and nursing women



Mushrooms should not be served to children!

The general recommendation is that mushrooms should not be given to children under 3 years of age.However, some specialists believe that this age limit should be postponed to the age of nine or even twelve.It is believed that children’s livers are unable to digest compounds that are contained in fungi.In addition, the fungi do not contain basic nutrients, such as vitamins, in an amount that would meet the needs of growing children.Therefore, there is no point in including mushrooms in the child’s menu.

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