How to lose weight 10 kg? 10 steps that make you lose weight once and for all!

Step 1 

Keep a log of diet and physical activity 

Before you start to lose weight, look for the mistakes you are making. Keep a diary of diet and physical activity for a week. Record every meal, snack and drink. Also note what you ate and how hungry you were. Include workouts, longer walks or cleaning.

After a week, analyze the notes and check what your diet and physical activity really are. 


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Step 2 

Calculate your BMI and perform body composition analysis 

It’s time to set a weight loss goal and the time you will achieve it. The simplest method to determine the target body weight is to calculate how much you should weigh, so that your BMI (weight / height ratio) is within 20-22. Use the BMI calculator! 

A more accurate method of determining the goal of a slimming diet is to perform a body composition analysis. Thanks to this you will know exactly how much you should lose weight in your adipose tissue so that your parameters are optimal. The analysis of the composition of the body is best done in the office of an experienced dietitian. 


Step 3 

Check the caloric demand 

Using special formulas, calculate how much your daily caloric demand is. Remove 500 kcal from the value obtained. Just enough calories you should eat, to start slowly lose weight. Such a caloric deficit prevents the metabolic rate from slowing down. 


Step 4 

Plan a slimming diet 

Reject rigorous solutions! Bet on regular meals and a varied diet. If you do not know how to start planning a slimming diet, take advantage of the 1500 kcal diet plan. 

Step 5 

Develop a training plan 

The training plan should match your fitness. If you have not moved at all for a long time, you can start with a few-gears. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your training. With time, it is also worth joining strength training, which speeds up the metabolism. 


Step 6 

Follow the progress 

Regularly control body weight, save results. If you have this option, do your body composition at least once a month to see if you are losing adipose tissue. 


Step 7 

Give yourself time! 

Man is not a calculator, and slimming is not the same for everyone! A healthy weight loss rate is 0.5 to 1 kg per week. Remember, however, there will be periods in which you will lose 2 kg in a week, but there will also be times when the weight loss will stop completely. 


Step 8 

Consult a dietitian 

If you can not see the results for 2-3 weeks, get help from a specialist. The nutritionist will help you find the reason for the failure. It may also be necessary to perform additional laboratory tests. 


Step 9 

Do not forget to leave the diet! 

Getting out of the diet is just as important a stage as slimming. No exit from the diet most often results in a rapid yo-yo effect, because the body slows down the metabolic rate. Once you reach your goal, gradually increase the calorie content of the diet until body weight stops falling. Do this by adding 100 kcal per week to your diet. 


Step 10 

Maintain healthy habits 

There is no effect without consequences! You lost 10 kg? Congratulations! Achieving the goal, however, does not absolve you from the care of a varied diet and regular training. Thanks to this you will avoid the yo-yo effect! 


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