How to lose weight by running?

How to lose weight by running? Is it possible? There are people who prove that you can lose weight only thanks to the diet. They are right, of course, but it is more difficult and does not give such a sketched figure as running training. Below you will find examples that running in a countable way helps you lose unnecessary kilograms. 


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1. IT vs LSD 

Running is a form of training that gives you the greatest freedom of movement. The runner does not limit anything except air resistance and his own motivation. During the run, we can reach the maximum oxygen limit, maximum step length and maximally engage the entire muscle apparatus. The trick in running is choosing the right pace and training method. Some people love long episodes (LSD – long slow distance), lasting from 20 to even 60 minutes, others short, lasting from several to several dozen seconds. Both groups have a chance of success, both can lose weight. And if the interval training (IT – interval training) gives the best results, the long continuous run can also be effective. Below is an example of training of two presented groups of runners. 

2. Sprinting interval training 

8 × 50 meters (1.5 minutes break – intensity of 90% of maximum speed), 8 minutes break, then 10 × 80 meters (break 

2.5 minutes, intensity 75% of maximum speed). 

Duration of training 45 minutes 

The length of all sections of 1200 meters 

Estimated number of calories burned 300 kcal + 700 kcal after training bonus Total 1000 kcal 

3. Long-term oxygen training 

Free jog (10 minutes) with a 10-minute break for dynamic stretching and exercises in motion (crowds, slopes, ski passes, etc.). Then a free continuous run at a rate that allows 50 minutes of conversation. 

Duration of training 1 h 10 ‘ 

The estimated length is 10,000 meters 

Estimated number of calories 600 + 400 

A total of 1000 kcal

4. Two different methods, similar, effects 

The above example shows how you can burn about 1000 kcal in two different ways. Note that the most calories during an effort burned continuous running with low or medium intensity. We will burn less during running sprints, but due to the phenomenon of DOMS and EPOC (oxygen debt) we will burn more during rest. 

In summary, both running methods have their documented effectiveness. Which method we choose depends on us. An additional additional argument for running sprints may be the anabolic nature of this form of exercise. In short, it will allow us to discover more muscles. 

The supportive argument for running long may be the fact that they really feel their weight loss (but at the expense of muscle loss). 

It should also be remembered that if we want to actually lose weight, we have to take care about the number of calories consumed during the day. It must be lower than the effort spent and other energy activities. If so effort together with PPM (basic metabolism) gives us 2500 kcal, then let’s eat so that on the plate there were always a few hundred calories. In the example of the mentioned types of training, however, it should be stated that running can bring noticeable effects. It is not, as some people think, illusory. 


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