How to take care of the appropriate level of sugar during training?

The level of sugar in the blood (glycemia) determines whether we feel good.

When it reaches the correct, moderate value, we are composed and full of energy. If you eat too much sugar, other simple carbohydrates or starch, too much sugar will be released into your bloodstream. We will feel really good for some time, but later, excessive amounts of sugar in the blood will cause insulin secretion, which usually ends in reducing the level of sugar to too low. In this state, we will feel a drop in energy, concentration disorders and problems with motivation. 


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When the blood sugar level stays stable throughout the day, we will be more motivated to exercise and we will be enthusiastic to welcome the possibility of a more active lifestyle. Just as food at different times of the day supports the metabolism, so the constant flow of balanced nutrients helps maintain stable blood sugar levels. 

No sugar mixed in the head

We should not allow the blood sugar level to reach an incorrect value. Low blood glucose loads the whole body and literally blends in our head. The brain is fed with sugar transported by blood, so when the supply of this fuel is reduced, the psychological load increases. 

If we do not eat anything for several hours before training, we will feel the intensity of negative messages saying that we have too little energy to exercise. 

A snack of something for a maximum of 30 minutes before training (the snack should contain simple carbohydrates and approximately 20% of protein) will reduce negative influences, improve our attitude and help us to go outside. Whether we have a snack at hand that will help us raise blood sugar levels will determine whether we decide to go to training or not. 

Fluctuations in blood sugar levels 

Eating a snack containing too many calories or simple carbohydrates can have a negative effect on your blood sugar level. When it is too high, the body begins to secrete insulin, which results in a drop in the level of sugar. Then there is an impulse to eat something else, which results in an excessive number of calories consumed, which are processed into fat. If we refrain from eating, then we will be hungry and quite unhappy – completely in the wrong mood for exercise and to use the movement. 

Frequent meals are the best 

When practitioners experiment with different snacks, the majority are convinced that they achieve a more stable blood sugar level through the use of an individualized combination of small meals. In order to achieve this result, it is best to use a combination of complex carbohydrates with proteins and a small amount of fats. 

Do you need to eat before training?

Only if our blood sugar is too low. People who train early in the morning usually do not have to eat anything before starting exercise. 

If you have low blood sugar in the afternoons and it’s almost time for your workout, it may be helpful to eat something about 30 minutes before you start exercising. If we feel that a morning snack would also do us good, then no problem, but let’s not overeat ourselves so that our stomach does not hurt. 

In order to get the best effect when increasing the level of sugar in the blood when it is too low (up 30 minutes before the workout), about 80% of the calories contained in the snack should come from carbohydrates and 20% from protein. This will lead to the secretion of insulin, which increases the availability of glycogen for the muscles. If we eat an energy bar containing nutrients in such proportions, let’s remember to drink 0.15-0.2 l of water. 

Food during training 

Most of the trainers do not have to worry about eating or drinking during exercise until they last longer than 60 minutes. Most people wait at least 40 minutes of training before they reach for their first energizing snacks, but how quickly this moment arrives depends on individual circumstances. Let’s try different nutrition strategies during long trainings and choose the one that works best. 

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Energy gels – they are packed in small bags and have the consistency of honey or thick syrup. The most convenient way to consume them is to squeeze one or two packages into a small plastic bottle. Every 10-15 minutes, squeeze a little bit into the tongue with water. 

Energy bar – cut it into 8-10 pieces and eat it one by one every 10-15 minutes with water. 

Sweets (especially jelly beans) – the usual dose is 2-4 small jelly beans every 10-15 minutes. 

Energy drinks – they are not recommended too much, because a large percentage of people who consume these drinks during training complains of dizziness. 

It is important to refuel after training within 30 minutes. After finishing a hard or long workout, you will always need a 100-200 calorie snack that will help you regain your strength faster. Also in this case, the combination of carbohydrates and protein in proportions of 8020 is the best. 


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