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A popular view is that the cause of problems with excessive body weight is slowed down metabolism.

In the articles appearing on the Internet and in the colored press, you can find countless tips on how to speed up the rate of metabolism, describing various practices with unheard of effectiveness. Unfortunately, a significant part of these inventions is not justified, and the attempt to implement them does not bring any tangible benefits. For the readers of our website I have prepared a list of the most widespread, untrue theories on how to speed up metabolism. 


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In marketing studies and in articles appearing in the color press, it is often mentioned about the exceptional qualities of L-carnitine, which similar accelerates the metabolism and thus helps to lose weight. There is no doubt that L-carnitine is a compound without which the body would not be able to use long-chain fatty acids in energy processes, whether they come from food or stored in adipocytes. Contrary to conventional theories, this does not mean, however, that additional supplementation with this compound intensifies the process of energy expenditure. At least, there is no convincing evidence for this, and indeed it should be stated that scientific literature supported by research results is rather skeptical about the alleged, slimming properties of L-carnitine. In fact, there are no rational reasons to claim that taking supplements containing this substance allows you to speed up the metabolism. Thermogenic formulations based on caffeine and tea extracts will be more effective in this respect. 

An extreme practice that supposedly speeds up metabolism is the adoption of natural laxatives in the form (most commonly) of teas containing senna leaves and bark of the buckthorn. Unfortunately, the metabolic rate or metabolic rate is not related to the rate of intestinal transit. How often we go to the toilet is not an exponent of energy efficiency during metabolic processes. What’s more, the use of laxatives can lead to nutritional deficiencies and permanently disrupt the mechanisms regulating intestinal peristalsis, which results in persistent constipation. Let us be clear and clearly that such practices are simply dangerous to health and must be avoided.


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