Less active parents fatter children

The weight and physical activity of the mother have a much greater impact on the child than on the weight and lifestyle of the father. This is the result of research carried out by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. 


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Overweight and obesity may be genetically

Overweight and obesity may be genetically determined in many families, but the researchers point out that in the case of this disease is more often the inheritance of nutrition traditions and leisure activities, than genes favoring the development of obesity. What’s more, it turns out that mothers have a greater influence on behavior conducive to the creation of overweight and obesity in children than fathers. 

Norwegian researchers have been tracking changes in weight and physical activity levels for 11 years in 4424 children and their parents.

Their observation shows that when a mother loses a few kilograms, it also translates into a child’s weight loss. What’s more, the children of those mothers who are not too active have a higher body mass than the children of active mothers. However, neither the weight nor the physical activity of fathers have any effect on their children. 

In the research commentary, its authors indicate the reason for such results.

It is mothers, not fathers who are more likely to make food choices for the family and plan home activities, which is why their lifestyle may have a greater impact on their offspring. And if a woman makes changes in diet and motor habits, it can also affect the weight of the children. 


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