Liquidarianism – liquid and pulp diet of fruits and vegetables

Liquidarianism (liquidarinism) is a diet that consists of consuming only fruit and vegetables, and only in liquid form – slurries and juices .Thermarianism is used periodically.It promotes weight reduction, so it can benefit people who are slimming. is this rigorous way of eating, what are its effects and side effects? ”

Liquidarianism, also called liquidarianism, is a diet consisting in the total elimination of solid foods and replacing them with liquid foods creams, mousses, mashrooms, juices and water.Likwidarianizm is one of the most radical and controversial ways nutrition not only because of the homogeneous form of food intake, but also because the diet menu is based only on vegetables and fruits and additives in the form of grains of cereals and herbs.


Liquidarianism – diet rules

When using the diet, you can not eat meat (of any kind), fish, eggs, dairy products, bread and sweets, you can not drink coffee, tea and carbonated beverages during the diet only eat vegetables and fruits and nutritional supplements such as cereal grains, sprouts, algae, herbs, coconut milk or soy milk, and drink clean water all products are consumed in liquid or semi-liquid form, i.e. juices, compotes, mash, mousses and creams the products must be completely natural, from organic farming without chemical additions of fixatives, flavor enhancers, preservatives, dyes and flavors   during the diet you can not use ready-made products from the store, only prepare all meals yourself meals prepared in this way have a short shelf life – they can be stored in the refrigerator, but for a maximum of several hours when eating a diet, you do not eat 5, but many meals – up to 10 a day.


Liquidarianism – positive effects

Among the beneficial effects of applying liquidarianism to the body are the cleansing of the body, reduction of body weight and less susceptibility to stress.


Liquidarianism – who can use the diet?

Vegetable and fruit liquid diet can be used by people who have digestive problems overweight who want to reduce weight, or lose weight want to relieve the digestive system from eating heavy foods they want to cleanse the body.



Liquidarianism is used periodically and necessarily after consulting a doctor.Before liquidarianism is introduced, you need to prepare yourself.Vegetable and fruit meals are introduced into the menu gradually, so that the body does not react violently.

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