Male, dietary mistakes

There are many reasons why men are tying or can not lose weight. Here are the ones most often committed by them.


I will burn it!

When you eat and drink more calories than you burn, you are. Eat extra calories is simple, burning these supplements – difficult. Many people overstate the physical effort, believing that he is able to repair any dietary madness. Very often, starting trainings is not enough to lose weight, because the diet is full of calories that exceed the daily energy expenditure with exercises. Every bite put in the mouth and every sip counts. There is no way – every man who wants to keep a slim figure after 40 years, and often even after the 30th, should eat consciously and not indulge himself. It is also important what the calories are derived from, because some products more than others promote weight gain or inhibit slimming (sugar, white flour, white bread, products with a high glycemic index).

It is not a good idea to give up all meals, especially if there are 4 or less on the daily menu. Regular food is one of the efforts to decide, taking care of the line. In this way, the metabolism is kept constant and the body is programmed to burn fat.


Men’s portions

Controlling the amount of food eaten is one of the basic ways to reduce the number of calories consumed.

Experts say that an average man, eating three meals a day, can eat 700 kcal in each of them. You can also divide these 2100 kcal differently, limiting the calorific value of breakfast and dinner, to eat a little more for dinner.

The ideal male dinner can look like 100-150 g of lean meat or sea fish, vegetables and brown rice. As part of the snack, it is worth reaching for apples and Greek yoghurt.

Many men, think about going on a diet are afraid of hunger. Wrongly. The more healthy the products reach for them, the more you can eat them. You can really be on a diet and eat to your heart’s content!


Food under stress

Stress promotes heart disease and depression, but also facilitates weight gain. It’s harder to bother yourself with composing healthy meals when all the attention is focused on what bothers you – ending a late project, public lecture, meeting with an angry boss. In addition, irritation and stress have it that they “like sweets and fatty foods. Experts say life under time pressure is one of the modern risk factors for obesity in ambitious men. Therefore, the fight against stress should be one of the weapons in the fight for a slim figure. Even simple relaxation or breathing exercises can help you master the desire to reach for the banned delicacies.


Turning your eyes to liquid calories

Before you pour another glass of sparkling sweet drink or juice, read the label on the bottle or carton. See how much you absorb calories in this way. One glass can contain over 100 kcal. Worth it?

Think about how much fluids you drink a day and what are the liquids. Coffee with sugar and cream? Juice? Beer? Cola? Along with high-calorie drinks, you can supply over 500 kcal every day. Maybe it’s worth replacing most of them with water?

Also take into consideration that frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages is neither health nor waist. Slightly tipsy with more nonchalance you will reach for something to eat.

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