Meat consumption and body weight

The latest research by scientists shows that meat consumption can be associated with changes in our weight – weight gain or weight reduction.Which meat to choose, if we want to keep good shape, health and do not put on weight?

The nutritional value of meat – Meat is a very good source of animal protein, which is present in it in an amount of 10 to 25%.And protein is the most nutritious component of the diet, which is why most of us eagerly eats meat.In turn, the fat of meat (constitutes from 2 to 30% depending on the type of meat) and its products, such as sausages and offal – has a small nutritional value.Meat and animal fat is not recommended to be consumed in large quantities due to atherogenic action.

An important role in nutrition should play lean poultry, ie chicken or turkey.Poultry should be eaten without skin, because under it accumulates a large amount of fat, but also impurities.


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Does meat contain carbohydrates?Most types of meat do not, but the liver and kidneys contain carbohydrates in small amounts.It is not recommended to consume these products, due to the very high cholesterol content – in 100g even 400mg!Meat also has acidifying effects on our body.

Eating meat and meat products, we provide our body with vitamins from group B – vitamins B1, B12 and PP, necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, muscles and cardiovascular system.Meat is valuable for us, also because of the iron content, and it is well absorbed (note: iron is better absorbed in the presence of vitamin C, so eating a portion of meat, let’s not forget about fresh vegetable salad!).

The energy value of meat varies from 70 to 330kcal in 100g of product.

The latest study of European scientists published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in July 2010, was devoted to checking the impact of consumption of red meat, poultry and preserves on the change of body weight within 5 years of observation.

The study involved 103.455 men and 270.348 women aged from 25 to 70 years from 10 European countries.The diet of the subjects was evaluated on the basis of specially constructed questionnaires.And what were the results of the research?

Total meat consumption was closely related to the increase in body weight, both in women and men, people with normal weight and overweight, as well as in smokers and non-smokers!The increase in meat consumption by 250g (eg one steak – 450kcal) resulted in a 2kg increase in body weight after 5 years of study.The union concerned both red meat, its products and poultry.


The results of the study suggest that reducing meat consumption may help maintain a constant body weight – or at least do not eat more meat than the recommendation says, ie 2-3 servings of 150g per week (according to the Institute of Food and Nutrition).Instead of large amounts of meat, it is better to choose fish and legumes – peas, beans, soy, lentils.And again the principle is confirmed – everything in moderation.

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