Medicinal ginger like steroids?

At least this is suggested by research by Sirvan Atashaka et al. From Iran.  Why do I have doubts? Because unusually good results have been achieved. Until now, ginger has been associated with effects on inflammation, osteoarthritis, risk of colorectal cancer or lipid metabolism.


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Returning to the merits, one group of men received ginger, the second placebo. The next two groups were given a placebo or ginger, but they also trained in strength. Poor strength training based on machines was used, which will matter in a moment. 

Results in terms of muscle growth 

Why do I put this test between cartoons? Because, with increasing muscle mass, the subjects got rid of it 

How have such amazing results been achieved? Obese people, not physically active, were hired. Therefore, within 10 weeks of the experiment, they were able to get rid of adipose tissue and build muscle. In addition, the researchers did not determine how they estimated the increase in lean body mass. It is quite possible that these are data from the ceiling, they rather resemble the recomposition achieved on growth hormone, numerous steroids, beta-mimetics and thyroid hormones, than using 1 g of ginger. Besides, how to explain getting rid of so much fat without dietary intervention and aerobics? It only knows Iranian shamans. 


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