Minced pork chops – nutritional values, calories

Minced pork chops are one of the most popular Polish dishes, but few people know what nutritional values ​​they have, cutlets and how many calories (kcal). What are the minced meatballs?  What meat is the best for minced meatballs – it’s turkey, and maybe pork or beef. Are the minced meatballs healthy?

Ground cutlets are properly formed and fried minced meat (eg turkey) with various toppings (eg with mushrooms, cheese) Traditional minced meatballs are coated with breadcrumbs, fried and usually served with potatoes and beetroots.

Minced chops – a composition. What is a minced pork chop made of?

What is made of traditional minced meatballs? From minced meat, eggs (binds meat mass), wheat bun pre-soaked in water or milk (this addition provides plumpness and proper consistency of the mass), finely chopped and fried on oil with onion, salt and pepper Some people season the meat with marjoram and garlic, the meat with additives is formed into oval, slightly flattened chops, coated in breadcrumbs and fried on not too deep, hot oil from both sides to be browned.

The 80g minced chop prepared in this way provides

  • 198 kcal
  • 15.6 g of protein
  • 14.2 g fat
  • 4.7 g of carbohydrates


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Minced meatballs – what meat to choose for minced meatballs?

The key to delicious pork chops is the right meat, it can not be too thin (eg only from turkey breasts), because the chops will be too hard and dry, it is best if 2 parts of lean meat are ground in one piece of fatty meat. softness and plumpness of chops and makes them stick better and do not fall apart in a pan, and they are ready to be juicy.

Beef itself does not always work, because meat can be too hard.Meat can be prepared on your own, grinding at home from pieces bought in a butcher shop, ask for grinding in the shop or buy ready-made ground in trays or in vacuum packs. the quality of the meat can be, grinding them alone or in the store.

Good minced meat is arranged in braids, it is not a compact mass, it is not dried, it is not fuzzy, it does not let water, it has a pink color. Minced meat, grayish and rainbow-shimmering, must be avoided. fresh.

When buying ready-made meat, you need to be more careful, which does not mean that you can not buy good minced meat. The name If you see the packaging minced meat, we can almost be sure that we buy the highest quality product. as the Trade Inspection usually shows cases of adulteration of the sold products: Placing the slogan minced meat on the finished product obliges the producer to sell the product, in which there is a minimum of 99% meat and less than 1% salt.


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