Not only tomatoes, but also carrots protects against prostate cancer

Not only tomatoes, but also carrots protect against prostate cancer.

Men who consume several products a week like sauces or tomato juices significantly reduce the risk of cancer. This is not a novelty, but it turned out that carrots also have a protective effect. The diet of 244 men aged 64-75 with prostate cancer was examined, as well as 408 without cancer (control group). Men eating more carrots or tomatoes were less likely to develop cancer. It turned out that it is enough to eat more than a few grams of carrot per day or more than 16.5 grams of tomato per day. It was discovered that lycopene is behind the protective effect. 


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It is enough to consume more than 1.2 mg of lycopene per day to significantly reduce the risk of cancer. Carrots contain 0.65 – 0.78 mg of lycopene in 100 g of the product.

Lycopene content in mg per 100 g of product

Of course, many other extensive studies are needed to finally confirm the protective effects of carrots on health. The message should be interesting for bodybuilders who are often more exposed to prostate cancer by using SAA.


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