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Nutrition or training – what is more important?

Bodybuilding is associated mainly with hard training and great muscles … Muscles, however, do not grow alone. The fuel that is food is indispensable for this. What, then, contributes to improving musculature to a greater extent? What is more important – diet or exercise? This is an age-old question for beginners, and the answer is very simple. However, to understand this, you need to know the basics.

How does nutrition affect growth?

The claim that a 60% success diet is not sucked out of the finger. However, will this statement be true for everyone? In addition to the exceptional genes of a very small number of people exercising – yes! Which does not mean that the diet is not important – I personally say that it is the most important! However, the diet alone will not cause your muscles to grow. Be sure to remember about training and regeneration. Without their proper maintenance, with a positive caloric balance you will gain fat, not muscle! Proper nutrition is the foundation of every bodybuilder.

So what is the contribution to proper nutrition? With a properly balanced diet – you can do anything you want with your body! If your goal is to build muscles – a positive caloric balance along with the appropriate division of macronutrients and high-quality food will definitely give your muscles everything necessary to grow. The same applies to the reduction – a negative caloric balance will cause fat loss, and the weight results will be visible from week to week. In addition, food is responsible for supplementing nutrients, vitamins and minerals after hard training. The rule is very simple – the more you follow the diet – the faster you will achieve the goal!

How does the workout affect the muscles?

Training is one of three basic elements while working on your dream figure. Although the diet is 60% of success, it is the correct training that causes you to gain muscle mass, not fat (with the same calorie balance). Training contributes to

Ejection of anabolic hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone
Muscle fiber damage (micro – muscle injuries), thanks to which the muscles grow
Reduce glycogen resources in muscles
Increase in body temperature (including muscles)
Pulse accelerations
Deterioration of the nervous system

Theoretically, some of these points have a bad effect on the muscles. However, their poor action (micro-injuries) in combination with proper nutrition and proper post-workout regeneration contributes to the increase of muscle fibers.

Why do some people build a good figure easier?

To answer this question, several factors need to be considered. The basic one is the somatotype – a very important aspect when it comes to building muscle mass. It is much easier to build muscle for the mesomorphic than the ectomorphic. However, this is only one of the factors. The basic mistake that decides over the advantage of one person over another is the incorrect nutrition of one of them. Beginners’ training is not much different from each other, so in 95% of cases this is not the point here. The whole secret lies in nutrition.

If you want to build muscle mass – you have to deliver more calories to the body than your body requires. It is analogous with the reduction of body fat. However, going back to these two people – take into account that these are very genetically similar people. It is enough for one of them to eat half a bag of rice (50g – about 160kcal) a day more than its peer, and it may decide on the advantage in the form of building muscles and increasing strength.

What is more important diet or training?

The truth is that one of these elements can not be considered more important. Both proper nutrition and proper training are essential if you want to build a dream silhouette. It is a specific combination in which one can do nothing without a second. Any other claims are confessed by amateurs or by people who have little to do with bodybuilding. For example – you can exercise 5 times a week using maximum power, but with a negative caloric balance – you will sooner lose a few kilos than you gain muscle mass. The same applies to food. Perfectly balanced meals without training will not contribute to muscle growth.

Combination – refined diet, perfect training and adequate regeneration – what effect?

Why does every bodybuilder say that to achieve a muscular figure, you have to follow all the rules? Because the elimination of any of these rules will be a failure. What effect will this combination have? The answer is very simple – the best that your body can achieve naturally. Of course, depending on genetic conditions, one person can have much better results than the other. Not everyone can be Mr. Olympia. If you are planning to achieve anything in strength sports – you need to get a lot of patience. The quicker you implement the basic rules – the faster you will achieve the goal!

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