Oat diet

Oat diet is a good way to cleanse the body in a short time. It is not a diet that will allow you to lose weight, because you can not do it in one day, but you can certainly get a sense of lightness afterwards. Among its advantages, one can also distinguish lowering cholesterol level and helping in removing fat deposits from blood vessels. It can be used once a week, not longer than one day. 


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1. Recipe for porridge 

Porridge should be cooked in 2 liters of skim milk, to which 6-7 tablespoons of oatmeal are added. The dish prepared in this way is enough for 5-6 meals eaten during the day. The first portion should be eaten for breakfast soon after waking up, the next one should be separated by 2- or 2-3 hours. 

A portion of porridge should be additionally added with 2-3 tablespoons oat bran. Then you have to wait for the bran to soften and eat. During the day do not sweeten tea or coffee with oatmeal. You need to drink a lot of water or herbal teas. 

2. Oat flakes are a source of valuable ingredients 

Oats are the richest of all cereals source of protein, containing the best set of amino acids. Oat flakes are a source of B vitamins, which improve memory and concentration, and support learning. They help fight fatigue and irritability. They also supply magnesium and iron. The fiber contained in oat flakes contains a lot of soluble fraction of the so-called beta-glucan. It has prebiotic properties and protects the gastrointestinal tract. 

In addition, beta glucan affects the lowering of LDL cholesterol in the blood, causing its attachment and removal from the body. In addition, it also removes other harmful waste products. Oats contain the most fat in relation to other cereals. However, this fat is very valuable for the body because it contains essential fatty acids (EFA). Oatmeal plays a significant role in prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and care for skin hydration from the inside. 

3. Oats supports slimming 

The dietary fiber, contained in oat flakes, forms a gruel when it is in the stomach, thus causing a feeling of fullness. Increases metabolism by removing metabolic products. This fiber also regulates the level of sugar in the blood. Oatmeal has a low glycemic index, making it a stable source of glucose and does not cause insulin jumps, protecting against wolf-hunger attacks. 

A one-day oat diet will not cause a loss of body fat, but the effects will be visible due to the loss of water. A one-day oat diet is a cleansing diet that will stimulate the metabolism to action and these are its main effects. Frequently encountered opinions about her are recommending her as a slimming diet, which is a mistake. 


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