Obesity and overweight

Overweight, or increased body mass in relation to the accepted norms, can lead to obesity. And overweight, or so-called pre-obliterative state and obesity are not an aesthetic problem, but a complex chronic disease. We explain what factors cause overweight and obesity. 


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Overweight, obesity (obesity – obesity, medical specialization dealing with the treatment of obesity) referred to as the transvaal state is the first stage of obesity disease.

In the overweight phase, the body begins to store in the form of adipose tissue the excess energy we supply it with food.

If this process is not stopped, the adipose tissue will grow in different parts of the body – usually on the stomach (so-called abdominal obesity, an apple type) or in the lower parts of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks (so-called buttock-thigh obesity, pear type). In this way, overweight will develop into an obesity I, II or III degree. To check if your weight is correct, whether you are overweight or already have obesity, use the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator. 

Excess body fat is, however, only a symptom, not a reason for overweight and obesity.

Talk about a person who is overweight or obese, that he is fat, because he eats a lot and is not moving much is an unfair stereotype. Researchers have already distinguished about 50 reasons why the body begins to accumulate adipose tissue. 

1. environmental

2. psychological 

3. hormonal – overweight and obesity arise due to deficiencies, excess or malfunction of hormones, 

4. genetic. 

Identifying the factor or factors that cause overweight and obesity is a long process. It requires tedious and individual diagnosis. And scientific research still reveals new causes that can lead to this disease. 


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