Onion -healing properties, onions good for cold, hangover and constipation

Onions have been appreciated for centuries because of their healing properties, the onion is rich in bactericidal substances and vitamin C, which makes it good for colds and improves immunity.” In addition, the onion has been used as a remedy for hangovers, ulcers and scars (including stretch marks) Check what properties the onion has.

Onions is a vegetable whose medicinal properties have been known for centuries.In folk medicine, a decoction of onions was recommended in rheumatic diseases, syrup from colds, and sniffing of raw onion disinfected his nose and respiratory tracts. For centuries, onions were one of the most valuable anticorrhoid drugs , or sharp deficiencies of vitamin C. They were taken by seafarers, merchants, whalers on long distances, and although onion is not one of the richest sources of this vitamin, its availability and effectiveness made it a permanent provision for expeditions. bactericidal substances that can destroy bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, zinc and silicon, so minerals that strengthen the body’s overall immunity to various infections and diseases, but onion is not only a proven way to infection.

Onions can reduce the risk of developing cancer

In people who regularly consume onions (as well as garlic), the risk of developing some cancers is lower than in people who do not like these vegetables,” say researchers from Italy and Switzerland, for example, consuming at least seven portions of onions a week. it has reduced the risk of colorectal cancer by more than 50% (compared to people who do not eat garlic and onions.) In addition, both garlic and onion also reduced the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, throat, kidneys and ovaries.

This is confirmed by scientists from the University of Hawaii and the University of California in collaboration with researchers from Germany who argue that quercetin, a compound rich in onions, can prevent the development of pancreatic cancer.


Onions will prevent thrombosis, hypertension and lower cholesterol

From the rich list of valuable properties of onions, it is also worth mentioning its blood-thinning and anti-thrombotic effects.” In addition, onions, thanks to their high potassium content (146 mg / 100g), may help lower blood pressure. every day, one raw onion minimum for two months causes the growth of  “good ” cholesterol – HLD, and the reduction of  “bad ” – LDL.


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Nutritional values ​​of raw onions (in 100 g).How many calories does onion have?

Energy value – 40 kcal

Total protein – 1.10 g

Fat – 0.10 g

Carbohydrates – 9.34 g (including simple sugars 4.24)

Fiber – 1.7 g


Vitamin C – 7.4 mg

Thiamine – 0.046 mg

Riboflavin – 0.027 mg

Niacin – 0.116 mg

Vitamin B6 – 0.120 mg

Folic acid – 19 μg

Vitamin A – 2 IU

Vitamin E – 0.02 mg

Vitamin K – 0.4 μg


Calcium – 23 mg

Iron – 0.21 mg

Magnesium – 10 mg

Phosphorus – 29 mg

Potassium – 146 mg

Sodium – 4 mg

Zinc – 0.17 mg

Data source USDA National Nutrient Database


Onion for digestion and constipation

Raw or stewed on water, it improves digestion, prevents constipation and is not recommended for people suffering from acute liver or gall bladder problems.


Onion after antibiotic treatment

Eating a portion of this vegetable for a few days is especially recommended after antibiotic treatment, because the onion has fungicidal action.To prepare it, just pour water on the chopped onion and slowly stew. Seasoned with salt, pepper, tastes great, especially when we add 2 tablespoons of oil and we’ll put in an egg.


Onions – contraindications.Who should not eat onions?

Onions should give up people struggling with severe kidney and liver diseases, intestinal inflammation, as well as other diseases of the digestive system.Also people suffering from heart failure should exclude it from their diet.In addition, too many onions in the diet may help to increase the symptoms of heartburn in people who suffer from this condition. ”


Good for hangover

Onion soup is a proven hangover method because it perfectly improves the functioning of alcohol-stressed liver.


Onion and diabetes

The vegetable hormone (glucokinin) contained in the onion prevents the onset and development of diabetes in people at risk. In addition, raw onion reduces blood sugar and reduces the dose of insulin, so diabetics can reach for it without any fear.


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Onions after a bee and a mosquito bite

Contemporary phytotherapy recommends applying an onion slice for 10-15 minutes.in the place after the bite of a wasp, bee or mosquito.Onions, thanks to bactericidal, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties, will alleviate the inflammatory reaction, it will eliminate the feeling of burning and pain.

How to get rid of the smell of onions?

Onion has its characteristic, unpleasant odor, among othersfrom a high content of organic sulfur compounds.To get rid of it, you can sprinkle it with lemon.


Onion for acne and scars (including stretch marks)

Because of its versatile action in folk medicine, it has been used in many diseases, for example, wraps from overcooked onion were used to treat ulcers on the skin, which is still effective today. Simmer for 15-20 minutes, making sure that it does not burn in. Overwhelmed, mix, cool mass put on a sick place and fix the dressing, sometimes the therapy should last for a few days until the ulcer heals. treatment does not become scarred.

Similar poultices can be successfully used for inflammation of varicose veins, periosteum, frostbite, burns, acne, etc. The introduction of such mass rectally heals the hemorrhoids. A bit of onion sprinkled on the cotton swab reduces the tinnitus significantly, so often ailments of many older people In turn, the thin film located between the onion layers is a perfect antiseptic dressing

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