Overweight, and over time obesity in children, in 95 percent of cases are the effect of only overfeeding and lack of movement.

Slimming the child does not consist in the use of a diet and a gradual change in the eating habits of the whole family.

What rules will make it easier for you to slim down your obese child? 


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Why is slimming of obese children important?

Because obese children have problems not only with their peers, but above all with health – too high cholesterol, hypertension, atherosclerosis, overloaded joints, these are just some of the ailments caused by obesity. 

The number of slimming children has been growing steadily for eight years.

At present, every fourth Polish child, over 20 percent, uses diets to reduce weight. however, he thinks about introducing them. In most cases, menus are arranged incorrectly and everyday meals do not provide children with the necessary nutrients for proper development. This may result in stunted growth, impaired concentration, osteoporosis, dehydration and even depression – emphasize the experts of the National Center for Nutritional Education. 


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