Paleo diet

Today’s article will be devoted to the paleo diet. It is an increasingly popular nutrition system, characterized by a holistic approach to diet. In its assumptions, it focuses on what our ancestors ate, thus excluding processed products. From a health point of view, the diet works well in the treatment of civilization diseases. 


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1. Paleo diet – a short story

Paleolithic is the era that lasted the longest in the history of mankind, and it began at a time when people learned to produce primitive tools. The Paleo diet was developed and promoted by Lorena Cordain in a book called The Paleo Diet. The author is a person worth reading more about, that’s why I will only say that he is an American scientist specializing in the field of nutrition and exercise physiology. He published the book in 2010. 

2. Assumptions of the diet 

The basic assumption of the paleo diet is to return to the roots, meaning eating as natural as possible. Our ancestors did not have shops, so their diet was devoid of products such as flour, cottage cheese or bread. This means that they ate mainly the vegetables they collected, and the meat they hunted themselves. The paleo diet is not rigorous, but it gives rise to mixed feelings. 

My personal opinion is that the less processed products we choose, the better for our health, but we live in times when you do not need to hunt, and you can go to the store and probably our ancestors would feed differently if they had supermarkets. 

The exclusion of products containing lactose and gluten and preservatives from the menu allows the body to automatically cleanse and improving the quality of all life processes. Because our ancestors were quite physically active, the paleo diet also assumes inclusion in the day-to-day training. Such a holistic approach makes paleo cease to be just a diet and becomes a lifestyle. 

3. Benefits 

The benefits of excluding processed products are enormous. 60% of people have problems digesting lactose, and a large part of people also with gluten. By changing habits and removing products containing these two compounds improve skin, overall health, intestinal function and sports performance. The bloating, the feeling of heaviness disappear, the thyroid hormone levels are regulated and the joints regenerate. An additional advantage of the diet is of course the fact that we can lose unnecessary kilograms. Many athletes praise this type of nutrition and achieve better results. Imitating the style of nutrition of primitive people has the advantage that you do not need to count calories. 

4. Products allowed and prohibited 

The menu is based on high-protein products, omega-3 fatty acids and everything that occurs in nature. I found a lot of very tasty and interesting recipes that I would like to try, so apparently limited room for maneuver in the kitchen is really limited only by our imagination. 

Which products should be avoided 

– all processed products (forget about shop bars, sweets, white sugar and my favorite sesame); 

– refined carbohydrates (it’s time to stop asking for cookies with every purchase of bread); 

– refined oils containing trans fats; 

– soya, maize and cereals containing gluten; 

– dairy products and milk products; 

– flour, except those called paleo. 

Products allowed 

– sweet potatoes, dates, bananas, banana flour and chestnut flour; 

– unrefined oils; 

– vegetables (should be limited to legumes); 

– eggs, nuts, fish, meat. 

The list is of course shortened and simplified, but it shows the main assumption of the Paleolithic style of nutrition. 


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