Physical activity – healthy spirit in a healthy body!

“A healthy spirit in a healthy body” – Roman poet Juwenalis once said. Already in ancient times people were convinced that movement is the basis of a successful life. What are the advantages of physical activity?

  1. Physical activity – improves memory

The part of the brain that is responsible for memory is the hippocampus. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that children who had regular sports had 14 percent larger hippocampus than peers from physical activity.


  1. Activity improves concentration

The movement improves the blood supply to the brain, enhancing concentration and the ability to associate facts. Tests conducted on students in the United Kingdom showed that students who did physical exercise for 10 minutes a day obtained 10 percent better academic performance than the passive group of respondents.


  1. Increases resistance to stress

Sport increases resistance to stress in both humans and animals. Stimulating the area of ??the brain, which activates during physical exertion, relieves anxiety and nervous reactions. Movement activity also works on those who have been able to wreak havoc in the body. It relaxes the mind, inhibits cortisol secretion and reduces nervous muscle tension.


  1. He adds self-confidence

Doctors Keith Zullig and Rebecca White from the University of Southern Virginia showed that teenagers doing sports rated their condition 30 times better than students who did not do any exercise. Sport raises self-esteem even for people who do not train effectively enough to see real changes in appearance in the mirror.


  1. Prevents depression

Modern publications of medical doctors show that appropriate doses of physical activity reduce the risk of depression by up to 50 percent. Exercises bring quick results even to people who have fallen ill for this ailment. The Medical University of Lodz maintains its position that the first results are visible already after 10 minutes of traffic. After two months, there is visible, permanent reduction in the symptoms of depression.


  1. He makes you happy

Physical activity releases endorphins – the hormones of happiness. After just a few minutes, you feel better. Satisfying training can even lead to euphoria blasts.


  1. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

In-depth, joint research of scientists from the Harvard Medical School, the London School of Economics and the Medical University at Stanford they brought unanimous conclusions. Physical activity is as effective in improving cardiovascular health as heart medications. Instead of ingesting the tablets, it’s better to move around with pleasure.


  1. Adds energy

It would seem that if physical activity absorbs the body’s resources, it can not simultaneously give him energy. Meanwhile, sport stimulates the body and mind – while those who move little, are characterized by lethargy and lack of verve. In addition, regular workouts help to wake up in the morning rested.


  1. Improves the appearance

The obvious advantage of physical activity is working on the appearance of your body. Sipping pills, using a slimming diet, cosmetic treatments or even surgical operations are only a short-term solution. They will not provide firm skin and impressive muscles for a long time. A beautiful appearance can only be obtained through movement.


  1. Improves the digestive system

Another advantage of physical activity is the improvement of the digestive system. Sport speeds up the digestion of foods and helps get rid of deposits in the gut. A healthy metabolism is the basis of well-being. Incorrect management of the digestive system leads to colon and stomach tumors, among others.


  1. Strengthens the osteoarticular system

The efficiency of joints and bones depends almost exclusively on how often they are used. Elderly sedentary people have difficulty performing basic activities such as bending, raising the leg, bending the hand, fingers or even walking alone.


  1. Extends life

At the end of the list, the most important advantage of training sports is prolonging life. It’s not just about professional players, but even people who do physical exercise for 15 minutes a day. scientists from state-run establishments in Taiwan, they proved that this amount of traffic adds up to three years of life.

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