Physical condition and sex life

It happens that after the love games we get tired, despite the fact that the action was not very exhausting at all, but because we simply lack the condition. Not only for sports, but also for sex … Our sexual life is influenced not only by the type of temperament or an attractive partner, but above all by the physical capabilities of our body. 


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For many of the advantages resulting from regular sporting activities should also add the undoubted influence of physical activity on our sex life. Why is this happening? Because an athletic, flexible body can do more. In sport and in the bedroom. 

1. Lack of physical activity causes that we get tired faster, we are short of breath and more often we have to rest. Which means that we are also sprinters in the bedroom, but not by choice, but by necessity … Sport will strengthen our circulatory system, the body will be oxygenated and more efficient. If you get tired quickly, start with gentle activities such as walking, Nordic walking or jogging. 

2. Efficient muscles and flexible joints guarantee a varied sex life. Why? Having a good physical condition, we can be sure that no Kamasutra position will be unattainable for us. If you want to gain more flexibility, start practicing yoga, pilates or stretching. 

3. We strengthen the spine, the stability of which is necessary in slightly more sophisticated sexual positions, especially for men. To keep your spine strong and durable, swim regularly. 

4. Physical activity causes our body to produce happiness hormones, or endorphins. We are more joyful, we have more energy, and thus more willingness to love frolics. 

5. Taking care of our physical condition, we also care about the appearance of our body, making us feel more attractive. And yet, nothing increases libido so much, as well as high self-esteem and satisfaction with your own body. 


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