Protein supplements before or after training?

Professional trainers are increasingly recommending protein supplements to their pupils regardless of their age or gender. Although, until recently, this kind of supplementation was considered a typically masculine fad, this trend changed by 180 degrees and women also eagerly reach for protein before or after training. Do you want to know how to properly supplement them and what actually gives it to your body? In this article you will find all the information about protein for exercise! 


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What is protein and when to take it? 

Protein is a nutrient and building material that we need for proper functioning. Every day you deliver them to the body with food. The question, however, is it in the right amounts? 

If you are training hard and you want to increase your muscle mass (and what to fight for, because more muscle means faster fat burning), you should consider supplementary protein supplementation. 

What does protein supplementation give? 

The protein not only speeds up the metabolism, but also promotes slimming, because it is the only nutrient whose digestion absorbs so much energy (energy = burned calories). His increased participation in the diet pays off for people who are struggling to get a dream figure and also for those who want to avoid the yo-yo effect after a slimming diet. It is for this reason that trainers often encourage you to drink protein cocktails instead of, for example, eating a traditional dinner. 

At this point, however, it is worth emphasizing that excess protein in the diet can seriously damage your health, so any changes in the menu should always consult with an expert! 

When to take protein? Before or after training? 

There is only one answer to this question 


If you train under the supervision of a trainer, and the diet was arranged by your dietitian (of course in agreement with the instructor!), Often additional supplementation is not needed at all. A well-balanced menu, in which there is a division into training days and days without training, it is enough to achieve the goal. 

The situation is completely different in the case of people who eat and feel a lot at the same time. It is them who are dedicated protein supplements. It is worth remembering that supplementation of this ingredient is only beneficial if we are unable to provide the body with adequate amounts of protein from food, e.g. due to exceeding the daily calorie limit on a reducing diet or due to the usual lack of time. 

Protein after training 

Take it when you do not have the opportunity to eat a wholesome meal (eg you live far from the gym, after the exercise you rush to work, you forgot to take a meal with you) 

Protein before training 

Take when you have the opportunity to eat a wholesome meal immediately after the workout (one that contains both protein, carbohydrates and fats). 


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