Pumpkin seed oil for parasites and more. Application and properties of pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil has many health properties, thanks to which it has been used in unconventional medicine.

Pumpkin seed oil has many health properties, thanks to which it has been used in unconventional medicine. Pumpkin seed oil is recommended primarily for parasites, as well as for prostate and urinary tract disorders, while in cosmetics it is used to strengthen hair and moisturize In the kitchen, pumpkin seed oil can be added to vanilla ice cream or cheesecake, check what action pumpkin seed oil has and how to use it.

Thanks to its health properties, pumpkin seed oil has long been used in folk medicine, including as a remedy for gastrointestinal parasites, prostate and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, upper respiratory tract infections, as well as allergies. When consumed, it can prevent atherosclerosis, body weakness and depression – all thanks to the content of unsaturated fatty acids, but the fatty acid profile of pumpkin seed oil is not as beneficial as it is commonly believed. The remainder are unsaturated fatty acids, in which 33.4% consist of monounsaturated acids, and 47.8% polyunsaturated acids.

Pumpkin seed oil also contains vitamins A, E and D and those from group B. It also contains selenium, potassium and zinc, and other substances such as squalene and phytosterols.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids are mostly omega-6 fatty acids, but pumpkin oil contains traces of omega-3 fatty acids (around 0.5%), while in other studies no linolenic acid (omega group) has been reported. -3) in pumpkin seed oil Therefore, the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is very unfavorable and it has been proven that excessive consumption of omega-6-rich foods with simultaneous omega-3 deficiency may promote cancer development , for example breast cancer (especially in postmenopausal women), therefore, when deciding on an increased consumption of pumpkin seed oil, remember to supplement (supplement) the linolenic acid deficiency to maintain the proper ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Pumpkin seed oil for parasites

Contemporary phytotherapy recommends the use of pumpkin seed oil for gastrointestinal parasites.The alkaloids contained in it, called kukurbitacynami, damage the nervous system of gastrointestinal parasites (tapeworms, roundworms or pinworms) and accelerate the process of their removal from the body, by the way also removing other toxic substances Pumpkin seed oil does not irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, therefore it is safe for the functioning of the digestive system.

Pumpkin seed oil for prostate

Pumpkin seed oil is a component of dietary supplements for men, which are recommended for benign prostatic hypertrophy (in the early stages of hypertrophy), urination disorders or potency disorders.This type of preparations favorably affect the proper functioning of the prostate and normalize the process of urination. These properties are due to the phytosterols (especially beta-sitosterol) contained in pumpkin oil, which work very similar to sex hormones.The proper functioning of the prostate corresponds to the proper level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) .The task of phytosterols is to reduce excessive DHT concentration, which leads to a reduction in the mass of the gland and, consequently, to alleviate the unpleasant ailments associated with prostatic hyperplasia.

Pumpkin seed oil – use in the kitchen

Pumpkin seed oil has a distinctive nutty flavor and aroma, and is distinguished by a dark green color, making it one of the darkest oils, all of which are chlorophyll-containing, which is more than six times more than carotenoid.


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The oil should not be fried because the high temperature destroys the health-promoting substances contained in it. Pumpkin seed oil is used only cold, as an addition to bread, vegetables, white cheese, boiled eggs, as well as salads, salads and for direct consumption. Pumpkin seed also goes well with desserts – you can enrich the taste of vanilla ice cream or cheesecake (in Austria it is added to the famous Viennese cheesecake).

Pumpkin seeds are dried and then ground, mixed with salt water and roasted. The last step is the extrusion of cold oil.

Pumpkin seed oil should be stored in a dry and dark room at a temperature no higher than 20 degrees C. Despite the high content of fatty acids, which usually quickly oxidize and rancid, the oil can be stored up to 3 months (of course in a sealed package) All thanks to the content of antioxidants (mainly vitamin E). The oil stored in the fridge can stagnate, which disappears soon after taking it out.

Pumpkin seed oil – use in cosmetics

Pumpkin seed oil rubbed into the skin moisturizes it, improves its tension, reduces wrinkles, supports the fight against acne, soothes irritations and supports regenerative processes. Due to the dark and intense color that may contribute to the color of the skin, it is better to dilute it with a little water or other light oil before use.


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